Sex 10 Min No Ejaculation

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RKB - September 30

About a week ago my boyfriend and I were having unprotected s_x. I am very irregular and have no idea when I ovulate. We were touching and holding each other before s_x. I felt the wet prec_m on his boxers before he took them off. We then had s_x for about 10 min. He was no where near ejaculating and his friends drove up. We had to stop and never finished. I have heard so many stories on prec_m. They say the most recent study is NO SPERM in prec_m unless a very recent ejaculation. WHat are the chances that I may have gotten pregnant?????


hi - September 30

anytime you have unprotected s_x near ovulation there is a chance of pregnancy.if you miss a period given the time frame of your longest cycle,then you should test for pregnancy.basically if you longest cycle is 30days,if your on day 32 or more you should test.good luck


???? - October 1

I would say probably slim but there is a possibility.


RE - October 2

It all depends on how fertile you are. What does everyone else think????


K - October 3

There's always a chance of getting pregnant when you have unprotected s_x: everyone knows that, and I'm actually pretty mystified as to why people keep asking this question. Nobody here can advise on the chances of somebody else being pregnant! Best advice would probably be to just forget it and wait for your period. If your period doesn't come, take a test! Then you can worry about what comes next when you know if there's actually anything to worry about.


???? - October 5



a - October 5

thats how I got pregnant the first time.


possible - October 5

Hi, Yes it is very posible. I have a very close friend that has a child due to pre- He pulled out before . Well he has a 10 year old that he never thought he would.


??? - October 5

That is amazing when they say there is no sperm in pre ejac


Susan - October 5

Take a test and pee on the stick!


Kate - October 5

Yep. If you're worried, take a test. If you're still worried, see your doctor. If you have s_x, there's always a chance you could get pregnant.


[email protected]$%^&(~~!!! - October 5

May I suggest the thread "PEE ON A STICK" ?


Justin - October 5

Don't take what I say as "medical proof" but my understanding is that sperm from ejactulation contains up to 70 million sperm cells, and the amount in prec_m is about 1 million. The chance is always there, but statistically the odds are in your favor or not being pregnant. But remember, it only takes ONE SPERM CELL to fertilize an egg.



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