Sex After Birth

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G - April 19

For those of you that have had a natural birth before, can you please tell me if s_x wasn't as good afterwards? Does everything shrink back to normal eventually? I'm worried about losing tightness.


Staci - April 19

Ive been quite worried about the same thing and asking around. Ive heard it does return to normal within a few months, but Id be interested on what everyone says about this.


G - April 20

Anyone else?


lil - April 20

I had an 8 pound 6 oz bay 21 inches long and my labor was completly normal no anesthesia nothing and had and awsome delivery and let me tell i think it got more tigh after, lol make sure u tell the doctor if he is going to give u st_tches to close it a bit more, good luck


Maleficent - April 20

kegals! after two kids things are still pretty much the same as far as s_x goes. i also felt a little tighter at the very start but things got back to normal after a month or so.


n - April 20

For me s_x was much better afterwards and for my husband as well.


G - April 20

Well, that IS reasuring! :-) Thanks for answering.


Dez - April 21

It still feels good but its just not quite the same but my baby is only 5 months so maybe i got some tightning to go, lol


Julie - April 21

At first it was a little different but as time goes by I think everything shrinks back to normal.


Truth - April 21

Sweetie you wont have to worry about a thing i had natural birth and after my 6 weeks when i finally dicided to get some it was like being a virgin again......Does that help you


dee - April 21

It's not the same right away, but thanks to tight st_tches and kegal exercises, everything is okay! Your body will be different, not worse, but different.


mauri - May 24

i just had my baby girl about a month ago and im not comfortable enough to have s_x yet even though i want it really bad. my boyfriend supports me but i still feel like i should be giving him more. if you have any advise for me e-mail me at [email protected]


stephanie - May 24

can you really ask the doc. to put a few extra st_tches down there. My boyfriend jokes about it, but I didn't know they would really do it....


kimberly - July 13

I am a mother of two. Both weighing 8 lb. 15 oz. My youngest is now 10 months old. With my last child i did not have to have an episiotomy. I did have one with my first child and i did feel like a virgin again. I have done kegals and nothing seems to work this time. I do not feel like things have returned back to normal. I keep thinking that had i had an episiotomy, maybe things would be better.



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