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Teacher - September 13

For those of you who post all the stupid questions this is for you. I am not trying to be mean but come on! If the man does not ejaculate inside you and if you are just dry humping you can't get pregnant. The withdrawl method doesn't always work. You can get pregnant any time of the month. And last but not least if you want to know if your pregnant take a pregnancy test we are not psychics on this board.


Professor - September 13

You cannot get pregnant at any time during the month. So, get your facts straight before you want to be the teacher. Your gonna tell me that after you ovulate you can get pregnant? That is so not true and you know it. If you don't like the stupid questions, then don't read them. I don't know HOW many times I have read snotty posts about other people's questions. Some may be totally bogus, but some really may be true and some people do not have any type of s_x education from their parents or from their schools. So, all in all, take your crabby pregnant a__s back to bed and come back when you are feeling a bit more chipper.


Teacher - September 13

Many women post questions on this board like "I had s_x during my period could I have gotten pregnant"? and the answer is yes you could have gotten pregnant and then they post things like I had s_x this day this day and that day could I be pregnant. If you are s_xually active you can get pregnant. Everyone's ovulation cycle is different. If you are smart enough to get on this board you are smart enough to go to the libaray and read a book about reproduction.


I'm the Dean - September 13

Sorry, Professor, but I agree with the Teacher on this one. I don't think they were trying to give huge facts, but merely stating that, "hey idiots, think a little bit. It's not rocket science, it's s_x." I'm so tired of people coming on here and going, "PLZ Hellps meee. I had a guy on top of meee wit me clothz on; am I preggers?" There comes a point when people need to use their brain. Or - FOR PETE'S SAKE - read through the threads before they post the SAME DANG questions over and over again.


Professor to Dean - September 13

I agree with the stupid ones like you said, but I think that there are some people that honestly do not know. Trust me, I think that the I swallowed my bf's c_m, am I peregnant??? questions irritate me as well. They are just stupid kids acting like a__ses.


Audrey - September 13

Nicely explained Teacher, I am 29 weeks pregnant and i come on here looking for answers and i all see are the questions "Can I be Pregnant"


kris A. - September 13

Praise the lord!! Other's wishing the idiots who post "am I preggers cuase the boy c_mmed on my b___t" would find somewhere else to go. As the Teacher says if you can get to this site then you can find a pregnancy 101 site.


Teacher - September 13

I am sure there is a "Pregnacy for Dummies" book out there!


pbj - September 13

AMEN teacher! Yes there is a "Pregnancy for Dummies"...and it's very informative. Wow, reading to get information...seems so simple doesn't it?


Jessica F. - September 13

Actually you can't get pregnant anytime of the month, you must be ovulating sperm can only live inside a woman's body for up to 72 hours.


Lisa - September 13

Don't they teach s_x ed in school anymore? How did these young girls get to be so uneducated about s_x? It's like we are back in the 50's again except this time everyone talks out loud about it. The young girls today do not seem to care about their bodies anymore; don't they listen to the statics about AIDS and various other STD's climbing in epic proportions that all they worry about is pregnancy. I made sure I educated my young brother about s_x and what could happen if he did not use a condom (every time), as well as what he learned in school. Don't people worry about that anymore, do they all think that it will never happen to them? The young girls today have to grow up, if they are going to going to have s_x without any precautions, what do they expect?


Sex - September 13

I don't know how people don't know about it? It is everywhere!


TO EVERYONE - September 13

Actually people, you CAN get pregnant any time of the month!!! Whether or not you are ovulating, and whether or not you have your period. Of course it is not as common to get pregnant at certain times of the month..but it IS possible. EVERYONE get a clue!! and to the teacher, you CAN also get pregnant if the guy does not ejaculate inside of you...obviously he does have to ejaculate, but if it was to touch the outside of the v____a, even though it is is still possible that those little buggers will get in there. Now people, please..before you try to argue with ANYTHING I said, find some sources to back you up and please, share them with me. If anyone wishes I find sources to back myself up I will gladly do so. Just let me know!


Student - September 13

This is for the teacher! Why would you be viewing this if you dont agree with our questions! of course were not asking for an answer its females getting other females opinions. When your ovulating you cant get pregnant.


Rachel - September 13

I agree with you, if these people don't know how to prevent pregnancy and aren't ready for it, they shouldn't be having s_x. Why take that risk and have s_x unprotected and have him pull out, then you stress waiting for your period and start to think that you're having pregnancy symptoms...I don't understand it lol...


Stupid~!! - September 13

hi there see me and my boyfriend was dry humping and he ejaculated in my hand and then i went to the bathroom and wiped can i be pregnant? LOL just kiddin had to get ya....


Lisa - To Stupid ~!! - September 13

You're sick, sick, sick...hahahah...i like your warped sense of humour.



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