Sex Everday

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NANA - May 17

Me and my guy are having s_x atleast once a day cause we are trying to have a baby! Does anyone think this will work?


Rachel* - May 17

When we were trying to conceive we did it either every other day or so. Every day should be fine, but you really don't need to do it that often. Spirm can live inside you for 3-5 days (if I remember correctly) so you just need to do it every couple of days. I read somewhere that if you do it too often it might dilute the sperm or there won't be as many viable sperm. Remember that the man produces sperm on an ongoing basis, unlike us women who have their entire egg supply from day one. Hope this helps.


NAnA - May 18

Girl........... thanks cause i was tired of having s_x evey day and it was only 3 days straight so far! Thanks


jenifer - May 18

the more you do it, the less chance's you have of getting pregnant. try 1Once every 3 day's.


Heidi - May 18

They say every other day is better as the sperm is more active or there's more sperm count.


NAna - May 18

Jenniffer where did you get that from!?


Bethany - May 18

My dr always told me every other day is the best way to get pregnant fast


nana - May 18

did this work for any of you!?


jenifer - May 18

yes it has NANA just dont have s_x everyday if you want to expect result's. good luck mama.


nana - May 18

it just seems the more the better! i guess! well ima try hopefully i will be pregnant by the end of the summer!


monica - May 18

I knew exactly when I ovulated so I only did it for that week of that month. no s_x before or after that week. What do you know..... I got pregnant the first time I tried.


NANA - May 18

Lucky Lucky you!


Karen - May 18

It is best every other day. My bf came back from a 3 week trip so he had a lot of little ones store up for me. HAHA. I know that it happen that first weekend he was back. Good luck to you. I think every other day is fine. Remember he has to restore them I beleive it takes about 2 days for them nuts to fill up again LOL !!!! GOOD LUCK !


vanessa - May 18

You might be like me and just..... ooooops..... hit the mark without really trying. You never know!!!


monica - May 18

to wasnt lucky for my husband. he was hoping he was going to be having lots of s_x for months. but that was it for him once i was pregnant i had bad morning sickness and s_x was the last thing on my mind.


nana - May 19

Hello you guys i need some advice i have this girls number that i think my man is cheating with do i call her? what do i do what if im wrong! but yet i got this feeling that he is please help cause if he is cheating NO BABY with him at least! Any advice


KH - May 19

his sperm count will be lower unless you have s_x every other day....



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