Sex In Water

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jennifer - September 13

my husband and i have s_x in our tub when i was 14 weeks preg. im now 19 weeks and everything seems fine. is s_x in water harmfull to my body or the baby??


April - September 8

I have been told by my doctor that s_x alone in water is dangerous let alone being pregnant. You are pushing water in and out of your v____a. Notice the pressure from trying to manuvure quickly.. well think of that pressure of water being pushed in and out of you.


cean - September 9

good question, i would like to know as well.


Eva - September 11

I have never heard that s_x in water alone is dangerous. However, I do not know if this could be true if you are pregnant. I would ask your OB. Try not to worry. Good luck.


sabrina - September 12

yes, s_x in the water is bad for you, actually it could in rare case's kill you.


Tara - September 13

Sabrina, I have heard that before too..I would just be careful ask your doctor about it. good luck


bird - September 13

I cant see that it's all that badf for you or we would all be a lot more certain and would be aware that you shouldnt! As far as the comment it can kill you (!!) Thats if air is b__wn in to your v____a i doubt the same is with water! I think the best advice to speak to your doc or midwife. Best of luck. X


April - September 13

I have heard that because of the pressure of the water being pushed into your v____a it can be damaging to your insides. I have heard of women in rare cases that its actually caused serious problems..not sure about the death part tho...


Elaine - September 13

That's ridiculous. I asked several woman, that I work with, about this & they were pretty entertained. S_x in water will not cause death or problems. However, nobody knew whether or not it would cause damage to the fetus. Typically doctors don't want you in the water, when you are pregnant, after a certain time period in your pregnancy due to the bacteria. Anyway, the s_x + wate + baby = Ask your doctor!!


LaTanya - September 13

I asked my sister, who is an RN about having s_x in water. She said having s_x in water will not hurt you. She did not know about having s_x in water while pregnant & if it could hurt the unborn baby. I am 44 & have been having s_x in water off & on since I was 20. I have never had any issues. However, I have never done it while pregnant cuz of comfort & bacteria concerns as the prior poster mentioned.



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