Sex Of Baby-a24

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susan - April 25

If a baby's heartbeat is really strong or fast, does that indicate what s_x the baby is?


Yane - April 25

I gave birth to twin boys and everybody said I would have a girl, well, I suggest you look up the chinese calendar, it worked for me, you look up your fertilization month and your age and it'll tell you what you're having. It said I'd have a boy, and I got 2!!


tiesha - January 11

no, a strong fa__st heartbeat is normal for a baby.


Rainie - January 11

Normal is like 120-170 BPM right, I think... and it's kindof an old wife's tale that if its 150-170 its a girl and if its 120-149 its a boy.... it's true for my baby.... but also if the baby is moving their heart rate goes up if they are resting it's slower... so it's not a fool proof way of guessing!


kat - January 12

yane how can a chinese calander tell you what you are going to have? i think it may have been coinsidence coz the s_x is decided by the sperm,not by what month you concieved and your age!!


kathy - January 22

a boy


SHASTA - January 26



no - January 27

it is normal for healthy for babys to have fast and strong hartbeats


lou - January 27

hi I have seen on discovery health that the rate of the babies heart beat can indicate the s_x of the baby. Also (and I dont know if its true or not) but my friend also told me that the s_x of the baby can depend on how far you partner ejaculates inside you, apparently its all to do with acid and alkaline in your v____a.? sounds weird but 2 of my friends conceived girls this chance maybe but interesting none the less! :)


kerry - January 29



Dee - January 30

What am I having, I am 27y and heatbeat is around 150


ciara - January 31

fast heartbeats over 140 are meant to indicate a girl slower heartbeats a boy


kate - January 31

That chinese calendar that Yane mentioned does work...I checked it out for myself(my mother's conception month)and my husband and some friends and it predicted us all correctly.


k - February 7

I have teo boys and based on the chinese calendar I would have two girls so believe what ever you want to believe, but I sure do not believe in it


w - February 8

I just did that chinese predictor and 2 times it said girl and 2 time it said boy, now I know that there is only 1 baby. So it still leaves me with a 50/50 chance hmmm a bit useless!!



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