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excited - September 19

How soon can the doctors determine the s_x of the baby by ultrasound???? Im dyin to find out!!!!


UNKNOWN - September 19



Melissa - September 19

The soonest they can tell is 18 weeks, but usually they want you to wait until 20 weeks. This way there is a better chance that the s_x can be acurately determined.


excited - September 20

awsome thanks so much for letting me know a few more weeks and ill be even more excited plus i can do more shopping knowing the s_x of my baby!!!!!!!!!!!


best advise - September 20

why dont u ask the ultrasound if it knows? theres a start


excited - September 20

very funny "best advise" ur pitiful games dont bother me.


Anon - September 20

I found out the s_x of my baby when i was exactly 20 weeks. I cried when they told me it was a boy as i was hoping for a girl. But my boy is my world, and i wouldnt be without him :-)


amanda - September 22

ummm.... i thought it was 8 weeks just went to docs lol


111 - September 22

oops mistake


Dez - September 23

I couldnt wait to find out either, and when i was 20 weeks i went to the doctor for my ultrasound, and they told me they couldnt tell, man I was so dissapointed, I had to wait until i was 26 weeks to go back for another ultrasound to find out, I am now 32 weeks preg with a baby girl. good luck I would wait until 20 weeks to check, and i sure hope they can determine the s_x at 20 weeks for you.


April - September 23

I have a loooong way to go! I am 9 weeks and CANT WAIT. Im dying to know what I am carrying! I dont know how people wait till the end. NO WAY its killing me right now, im dying to know, and so is my boyfriend!


Tammie - September 24

Usually 16-18 weeks they can definitely tell.


Ms W - September 24

Sometime they cannot even tell at 20 wks--it all depends on how the baby is laying. My sister-in-law just had a baby & they could never tell if it was a boy or girl b/c of the way it was laying. Don't get your hopes up too much b/c there is always that chance.


monique - September 24

most of the times they like to wait around 24 weeks to get a definite answer. Congratulations to you all that have that bundle of joy. God Bless


ana - October 2

you can know the s_x of your future baby right now... world-wide newness right now... I give you my mail you [email protected]


krista - October 2

I am 33 wks right now..I had my routine ultrasound at 18 wks..the nurse said she couldnt tell the s_x because the baby's position.but my doctor told me that where I live they won't tell you anymore unless u have to get a profile later on in ur pregnancy. My doctor is only giving me one ultrasound and says I can't have another one even on request. I'd really like one tho for more rea__surance regarding the baby's health and due date accuracy..anyone have any advice?


Dez - October 3

Krista, most doctors wont give you a second ultrasound just to determine the s_x of your baby. but look up the 4 D ultrasounds to see if there is a place in your area that does them. they dont do them for medical reasons they just do it so you can get a better view of your baby, they will also tell you the s_x of your baby. Although, this ultrasound is going to cost you money



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