Sex Of The Baby

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** - December 7

Hello Everyone , im 19 weeks with my second baby. I have a ultrasound today and im going to ask if they can tell the s_x of the baby.... i was just wondering what week pregnant everyone else was when they found out? I REALLY want to find out! Thanks :)


Mal - December 7

Hi! I was 20 wks.when we found out. I'm now 37 wks.


Jbear - December 7

I didn't find out until 32 weeks...but most people find out much earlier.


jane! - December 7

u can tell wat s_x the baby is at 16 weeks! my friend found out at 16 weeks and i found out at 20 in england it depends on how many weeks u are at your first scan !


:) - December 7

I found out at almost 18 weeks.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 7

I found out at 19 weeks with my son!


jb - December 7

I went at 19 weeks but they couldnt tell. I went back at 22 weeks and they said they were 80% sure it was a girl!!!


Jamie - December 7

I knew I was having a girl as soon as I knew I was pregnant. At my 18 week u/s, I was told 85% chance girl, and proven right when she was born.


Tiffany - December 7

I get to find out the s_x Dec. 27 and am so excited!!


Tess - December 7

if you were slim/average theyd be able to tell the gender as early as 16 wks....but if you were a little chubby/overweight to begin w/ Dr. suggest to wait til 20-23 wks so then the baby would be more visible. per my Dr.


MeM - December 7

I found out I was pregnant with a boy at 18 weeks.


Kendra - December 7

20 weeks for me....although I'm still wary. I have a friend that just delivered a boy and was told the entire pregnancy it was a girl. (worked out for me becuase I got all the clothes she couldn't return) Anyways, when I had my u.s. and they pointed out what the dr. called "girl parts" (what are we 8?!?) - I couldn't really see it. He felt pretty sure, so I was like, "if you say so!" ...but I'm preparing myself for anything.


Ang - December 7

I had an baby u/s when I was 19 weeks and my baby wouldn't co-operate with the technician (must be modest) but then I had another when I was 26 after switching pract_tioners and found out that I was having a little boy. Best of luck to you.


:) - December 8

So what are you having **?


emily - December 8

i found out at 13 weeks with my son, they were positive it was a boy.. i kinda thought it was "too early" but at my 20th week ultra sound they verified it =)


rebecca - December 17

i am about 16 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. i am having a scan on 20 1st i found out at 17 weeks,so im hoping i can find out the s_x of baby.


lucy - December 18

i visited by doctor yesterday and had an u/s.. im 17w4d now, the doctor found it very hard to tell because the baby had his legs crossed and we kept trying to make it change position but no chance.. however, she told me that 60% its a girl but i took this as a 'no boy parts' ---> girl.. so it wasnt a convincing answer for me..



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