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embarrassed to talk - August 31

Im not really sure what forum to post this on.My husband wanted to try something new to spice up our s_x life so we decided to get a viborator.Im 8 months pregnant.I am too embarrassed to ask my doctor if this is ok during pregnancy.The pregnancy is in great shape and im healthy.Is it ok to use toys?


Evy - August 31

I got this off the web. I don't know how reliable it is but it says a big NO to your question. WHAT YOU SHOULD AVOID A few things should not be done while you are pregnant because they could harm you or your baby: · During oral s_x, air should not be b__wn into the v____a. This could lead to air getting into your blood stream, which could be life threatening to you and the baby. · Do not insert plastic vibrators or any other object into the v____a that could break the bag of waters prematurely or damage the cervix. You actually can enjoy s_x more during pregnancy, despite the cautions. Be realistic; full physical intercourse doesn't always need to be the end goal. Sometimes just holding and cuddling can make you both feel good. Use the physical changes that occur during pregnancy as an excuse for trying new positions and techniques. Remember that it's the quality of your intimate relationship that counts, not the number of times you have s_x while pregnant. Don't keep score! Remember to talk things out. Communicate with each other about what is going on and how you both feel about it.


Embara__sed to answer - August 31

I would get a c___toral stimulator...they have some that are shaped like tonuges and they work wonders!!! :o) I personally would not use anything that would needed to be inserted while pregnant...good luck and have some fun!!!! Get those ones for when you are feeling fine after your pregnancy...C___toral stimulation vibrators all the way!!!!! :o)


embarra__sed to talk - August 31

Well i guess its final.Its going to collect some dust while i wait but im going to talk it over with him and see what he thinks about getting a c___toral stimualater until after the baby is born.Thanks everyone for replying.


Steph - August 31

You should get a c___toral one while you are does help to spice up your s_x hubby and I have one and we use it occasionally and it's nice so that you have some change in your s_x life... neither of us like the same ole same ole s_x night after night...good luck and have some fun!!


Embarra__sed - August 31

Toys are great during pregnancy. I havn't really been in the mood to have s_x so i please my honey then he returns the favor with vibrators, but I dont put them inside. Also Seriously recommend your shower head. If it comes off then apply the pressure to your c___t especially if it has different motions to use. Ladies let me tell ya, BEST ORGASM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! WATER PRESSURE IS GREAT


k - August 31

evy...what is that website?



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