Sex W Only A Condom Please Talk To Me Ladies

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worried1 - January 19

when me and my boyfriend had s_x, he used a condom and im almost positvie he used it correctly. Im still worried, obviously im not ready to have s_x yet if i cant handle the pressure of wondering if im pregnant. (im not on a birthcontrol pill) Im trying hard not to freak out so it wont screw up my period...if i get one. i had s_x on jan 11 and i usually get my period around the end of the month or the begining of the next mont so im not freaking out yet. im just worried because my br___t are feeling tender and i have had weird feelings in my tummy, but those are the only symptoms. my bf told me there werent any leaks in the condom and i saw him check so i trust him. im just worried. what do u guys think about this? and dont worry after this theres no way im having s_x until i am brave enough to tell my mom i want on birthcontroll


Becca - January 20

You don't necessarily need to be brave enough to tell your mom. You can go to your county clinic and get on Depo or the pill for relatively cheap. I think when I went when I was younger it was $13.00 per shot. And Depo is a very good pregnancy preventer, but don't confuse that with STD prevention. You will still need to use condoms for that, but at least you can have peace of mind. i got pregnant my first time having s_x using only a condom. Only the condom broke and he KNEW it had broke, but he kept going. yuong and dumb he thought you can't get pregnant after only one time. I had an abortion which I regret to this is painful physically and mentally...I would strongly caution you from ever having an NEVER get over it..and I know I have never and will never forgive myself. I was 18 when I first had s_x and got pregnant. I now have a beautiful 3 year old, had a mc in April, and pregnant again (8wks 6d.) Just be sure you are ready to have a baby if you are having s_x because that is always a possibility, but you can get on birth control through your local clinic and your parents don't have to approve. It is a smart thing to do if you know (as it sounds like) that you are not ready to have a child. It would be too early for you to be experiancing pregnancy sx though. So try not to worry and look up your local County Clinic. Good luck and God Bless!


kate - January 20

I think you might be worrying too, much!I think you are ready for s_x if you and your partner are responsible enough to use condoms.Please, nevermind using "the pill" this does not protect you from any s_xually transmitted diseases.Condoms are the best choice...efffective, inexpensive and easy to get a hold of.Breast tenderness can be from ovulating and weird stomach feelings could be from anything.I'm sure you will be getting your period soon.


zoe - January 20

Unless the condom broke, slipped off, or had a hole in it that would allow sperm to enter, you should not worry...especially if your bf checked the condom afterwards and you saw him check it. I always make my bf check afterwards as well, but I am a worrier about lots of things. Just relax and try not to stress out. Sometimes you get on these boards and read all the symptoms and suddenly find yourself suffering from all of them and most likely it is just in your head. Best of luck!


worried1 - January 20

wow u ladies really helped me calm down lol but i wont completely be relieved until (if) i get my period. it is very true that i may have read the symptoms and am just thinking thats whats wrong with me. the only problem with getting the birth contoll on my own is that i dont have a car, and i honestly think that after this, being my second pregnancy scare, i most likely wont be having s_x until i am able to deal with all the possible outcomes. thank you so much and keep the replies coming. xoxo



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