Sex With A Broken Condom Pregnant

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Jerry - April 17

Me and my girlfriend had s_x and i later found a hole in the condom. It was only as big as a pin tip/needle...and was on the side maybe an inch from the top. I KNOW i did not ejaculate but im worried because of pre-c_m Please give me some input on what you think the chances of pregnancy are!!! thank you all


Amy - April 18

With the combination of you not ejaculating and the fact that you used a condom (even though it broke), the chances of her being pregnant are very slim...not impossible...but very slim.


Chyna - April 18

50 /50


Jerry - April 18

Thank you. Anyone else? I guess it really comes down to pre-c_m sooo the question here is how much, if any sperm does pre-c_m contain?


Becky - April 18

There is only a 20% chance per month of a women becoming pregnant if she is trying... so it would be a small percentage of that.


Jane - April 19

Do you think she poked a hole in there. That seems odd.


deen - April 19

slight possibility, but pretty dang slim


Jerry - April 19

I have no idea how it go a hole in it...especially one that small....maybe a fingernail?? zipper?? i wish i knew...but it really is only the size of a needle...if that


Jerry - April 20

when can/should we test and what tests do you recommend


Stephanie - April 20

I would wait until she has missed her period by a week or so and then ask her to take a test. Also talk to her about it....if the two of you are in a realtionship and do not want to have kids then an alternate birth control method should be used, i.e., birth control pills in conjunction with a condom.


Jerry - April 20

the problem well she doesnt really get her period...maybe like once every 4-5 months...some kind of imbalance problem. So what do we do? oh yeah...she takes pills that cant be taken while taking birth control pill...what do we do?


Wendy - June 3

What kind of pill can't be taken when on birth control. There is the shot too. I know it has different hormones than the pill.


luis - June 29

i was having s_x with my girlfriend and then i busted but she was on top of me and she kept going even though i felt a lil pain but then after a couple sec after i busted and she stopped i came out of her and i noticed da whole top of the condom was ripped and it went down 2 da bottom of the shaft wa are the chances that she is pregnant?


Hello Luis - June 29

I'd say pretty good if she was inside her fertile window.


molly - July 15

hey, trust me i know what your going through im scared too me and my b/f did it with out a condom i mean he didnt c_m but im so scared so all you can really do is waite and the best thing is to hope that she isint hey email me i need help too [email protected]



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