Share Your Weird Dreams

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Tobie - July 1

Anyone like to talk about the weird dreams you have? Mine are always bizarre and make me laugh. I think it's fun to talk about. C'mon! Let's share and laugh with each other!


KrisD - July 1

I was a broadway dancer on stage (must have been a Western) with this huge hoop skirt and all these ruffles - very unlike me. I was singing and dancing and running all over the stage. Really freaky. I also dreamt that I gave birth to a big cat.


Erin - July 1

I dreamt this last night- I heard something in the living room and when I went to see there was a man opening the window from the outside when he saw me he ran and I went to get my boyfriend and couldn't get the words out and when he finally understood there was no one there and he didn't believe me. He was leaving for work and I was scared to death. All my baby related dreams are more anxiety, i have the child but no car seat or crib and I start freaking out.


amanda - July 1

i had a dream last night that i cut open my belly and pulled my baby out and it had a headful of hair and brown eyes WEIRD


Jen - July 1

I had a dream that there was a bobby pin stuck in my throat and I kept trying to cough it up but somebody had to pull it out for me.


Amanda J - July 1

I dreamed that I gave birth to four year old twins!!! And they looked exactly like my lil brother! but they were a boy and a girl :) Amanda J


littlemrsb - July 1

I havn't dreamed much in the 2nd tri., but did a lot in the first. The weirdest one was that I ran into a friend that had quadruplet baby girls. They looked like troll dolls and were about 10" tall... really tiny! It was freaky! I also had a few dreams about my husband abandoning me. That is really weird because I have a wonderfully loving comitted husband who is very excited about our baby. It made me have a lot of compa__sion for the ladies out there who do have to worry about their husbands. Anyway, this was a fun post idea. Thanks Tobie! :)



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