Sharp Pains In Lower Stomach

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Trixie - November 7

When I first got pregnant I was having some major pains in the lower part of my stomach, right above the pubic bone I guess. To the point that I couldn't even walk up and down stairs, or hardly walk at all. It stopped in my 3rd month, and now that I'm 21 weeks I feel the sharp pains again. Not as bad as before, but I could hardly walk at the store an hour ago. It usually starts when I cough, or have been running around busy that day. My doctor said that my uterous contracts after s_x, so that's why the pain comes after that. But if I just lay there for a few minutes it goes away. Nothing gets the sharp pains to go away except when they're ready to go when s_x doesn't start the uterous contracting. Has anyone else had these sharp pains without having s_x, and do you know the cause of them just starting? Could this be stress, or what?


? - November 7

Could it be round ligament pain? That is what it sounds like to me...


Trixie - November 8

I've heard of that, but I don't know what it is. I've never really been sick, or had pain, so I don't stay caught up on things.


Lola - November 8

Hey Trixie- Sorry, but I can't tell you what those pains are, but I know they hurt because I get them too. I am 37 weeks and I had them BAD tonight for like 10 minutes, I thought I was in labour! Then they just went away. I have been getting them off and on during my whole pregnancy. Wish we could find out what they are!


Dez - November 8

its your ligaments stretching I am 20 weeks and have an 11 month old and I felt that with both of my babies. I usually get it when I move fast or sneeze and the pain just shoots across the lower part of your abdomen and it hurts like hell. They have made me scream sometimes, but it is all normal and a part of pregnancy, so dont feel alone, your body and uterus are just stretching out for the baby.



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