Sharp Sharp Pains Please Only Answer If You Are For Real

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Amanda - September 21

A year ago I had a miscarrage. I took and at home test and it tells me that im pregnant right now. I woke up the other night with really bad pain in my belly. I could not go back to sleep. I went into the ER they did blood work ect and told me that im pregnant. They told me as long as im not bleeding that I should be fine. They also said go home and rest and drink lots of fluid. I have been doing that I feel much better but it happens once in a while where I get the pain again but not as bad. I'm about 4-5 weeks what could the sign of pain be??


eyebeeablessing2u - September 21

Relax and take it easy, if you are really worried a trip back to the doctor to voice your concerns would be best..


vonda - September 21

You may have a uti, i heard they really hurt when pregnant, drink cranberry juice and plenty of water.


melissa - September 21

you could just be having pains from your uterus growing and your ovaries working overtime. Or if you have ever had any kind of abdominal surgery it could be scar tissue stretching. But be sure and call your dr so he/she can check you out and be sure all is ok. But don't stress yourself over it.


amanda - September 21

I have a docs apt on Monady so I will be going to see the OBGYN on the 27th. The hospital did a HCG test and a pee test and they saidf everything is ok. I don't have a UTI from what they said all they said was rest and drink alot of fluid untill I see the doc on Monday. Thanks all for your answers. Feel free to leave anymore info that you come up with.


Viv - September 22

Sharp stabbing pains are attributed to stretching of the 'round muscles' that hold the uterus in place. More common in second pregnancies.


amanda - September 27

Hey all I went to the er again because I was having bad pain again. They did all kinds of test on me and they could not find the baby. The baby is probly in the tubes. They gave me a shot to desolve the baby because of the pain I was having and they could not find it so that means it's not in the right place. :(


babyluv - September 27

i had the same thing last year the shot i got was called methotrexate. I am so sorry for your loss we were so devestated when it happened to me, we had been trying for 9 years. Keep your head high it will happen again soon.


Kelly - September 28

I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and I have been having sharp pains in my right side during the night. Sometimes if I urinate the pain goes away but lately it has been keeping me awake at night. Is this anything to worry about?


Viv - September 28

kelly, you should go to the doctors and get it checked out



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