Shaving Or Trimming Quot Down Quot There

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j - December 1

honestly speaking i dont shave down there neither do trimming so i was wondering when you go to labor, do they shave it for you or trim it? ie. if you're goin for a va___al birth? any thoughts? comments? thanks!


Kate - December 1

I don't think they shave women anymore. I wasn't, but I don't know where you're at in the world, so i guess be prepared for anything.


hello - December 1

i cant shave yeah and i dont like it very much. cant see anything! i plan to work something out b4 labor.


j - December 1

I lived in the US but in our culture most women don't shave at all or trim. So I was curious if I have to shave or atleast trim before I go in to labor? Im 4 mos pregnant and Im clueless on what to do? Im thinking of having my hubby do the shaving for me or atleast trim it before my next docs appt. What do you ladies think? Im sorry it sounds really embara__sing.


Bonnie - December 1

No, they don't shave you anymore and the doctors don't care one way or another. It's totally your preference. That being said...I normally like to shave and by God I can't reach ~cry~. There's nothing that's bugging me mroe than knowing I'm gonna be delivering with the 70's afro thing going on. But what can ya do? :P


kiddolebel - December 1

Nope they dont shave ya, they dont really care either, its more or less how YOU feel about it. I couldnt see to trim anymore by the end of my pregnancy with my son, so my hubby, what a trooper, offered to help, lol. Try electric clippers. You cant cut yourself that way. But honestly hun the drs and nurses dont care. As long as your ok with it then they are. Have fun!


lol - December 1

They don't shave you anymore. About the not shaving thing...I think it's more of a recent younger woman thing. Younger women shave more or at least trim. Haven't you girls watched p___n recently? They're all shaved or at least trimmed. I'm not into hair down there, we're all different though.


ha, ha! - December 1

I am all about a good trim, but completely shaving everything? You will look like a little girl!


*X* to anonymous - December 1

How on Earth was my comment nasty?


almost bald - December 1

I live in Alabama, and me and most of my friends favor the landing strip, ..I tried to shave the other day and pretty much took it all....i'm due in 6 weeks so i haven't seen the girl in quite a while, only the reflection in the mirror, so sad.....and now all i do is itch i walk around scratching my crotch all day because the hair is growing my girlfriend would say "you are such a delicate flower now"....what w/ all the other pregnancy woes we all endure. And please don't even try trimming unless you want to perform your own s_x change operation in the privacy of your could seriously harm yourself, just let it go for now or get your significant other to trim or shave for you....


*x* - December 2

i agree that your comment was a little on the rude side. i have read other postings from you on other questions, and you are just altogether rude. this forum is for people who need advice, or have questions. they come here for those things alone, not to be put down by you or anyone else!!!!


*X* to *x* - December 2

In what way was it rude? Please point it out to me, because I honestly don't see it at all. Partly serious, partly tongue-in-cheek, yes, but rude? Not in any way. In fact, I've never been rude to anyone on this forum - ever. If you went back and read my posts you would see that I have never, ever put anyone down. Not once. Yes, I disagree with people. Yes, I debate with people. But not once have I ever insulted anyone. Why are there so many people here that think that any discussion beyond patting each other on their backs for their pregnancies is rude?


Bonnie - December 2

She said she lived in the US but IN her culture...i.e. she is from somewhere else. :P


j - December 2

thank you for all your comments :) to set things straight I lived in the US but in our culture (I was born n raised in the Philippines) most women dont shave or trim down there(when theyre pregnant or not). so all im askin is if i have to? (its diff. here in the US when you go to labor n delivery)this is my 1st pregnancy and all my friends that got pregnant and had their baby are mostly i can't really relate to them at all. period. i came to this forum to ask q's and get some infos. thanks for all those who replied. i would probably ask my Dr. for his input about this. thanks again!


Tess - December 2

If I were you I wouldnt even care at all. When you're in labor Im sure it wouldnt come close to your mind that you haven't shave or trim "down" there. All it matters is "the baby" Good luck w/ you!


*X* to j - December 2

I see, j. I thought you meant "our culture" as US culture, so please excuse the misunderstanding.


Stephanie - December 2

I don't know about everyone else, but at 40 weeks, I can't see down below, nor can I really bend over to get there in the first place!



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