Shaving The Downtown Region

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letgo0527 - March 2

I always shave my "downtown hair", but my belly is getting so big now that I can hardly see down there. Anyone else have this problem?? Any ideas to safely shave down there???


Been There - March 2

Since I can't see it, I'm not taking any chances. It will just have to wait.


Gem - March 2

I am only 4 weeks pregnant so have not had this problem yet but I also shave down there and would probablty ask my partner to help me or maybe use a mirror up to a certain stage.


Julie29 - March 2

do you shave the whole area? I would have your dh do it


Allie - March 2

Just yesterday I decided I couldn't stand the forest that was growing...but I knew I couldn't take care of it myself. I takled to my DH, and he had no problem helping me with shaving. It was a little akward for me, but he didn't mind at all, and I immediately felt SO much better. I had tried to shave/trim myself using a hand mirror to see what I was doing, but it just doesn't work all that well. I'm only 24 weeks along, so I didn't think this would get better anytime soon :)


HannahBaby - March 2

i bought the intuition razor with the shaving cream already built in to the razor, and i just went to town. I wasnt really worried about not being able to see what i was doing....ive been doing it for so long that i could have done it with my eyes closed....all worked out well...i would never ask my hubby to do it.....


somedaymom - March 2

Hannahbaby.. I too use the intuition and it doesn't matter if you can see or not as if gets so creaming that it's practically impossible to cut yourself as you know. I've been using it for well over a year now and I've never cut myself. This is the best thing in the world, you've got to try it ladies.


HannahBaby - March 2

i know it was the answer to all my prayers. i havent had any cutting or bleeding since i started using this razor. Its wonderful!!!


Alycia - March 2

A mirror.... hahaha... You just don't understand how big and awkward you're going to get! If you can't do it standing up without seeing what you're doing, it's just not going to happen! That's where I am now at 30 1/2 weeks.


rl - March 2

I hated it but I just let it grow out until I had my baby....I did the best I could w/the parts I could see though ha ha lol thank God I can shave again ( :


MJM - March 2

I just did it myself by feel. I have been shaving ever since there was hair to shave. And have always shaved it the same way. It was not always nice and straight but I couldn't care less. My dh would not do it because he was afraid of nicking something. Either by feel, in a body mirror or just hold a mirror./


HannahBaby - March 2

i didnt it mirror free up to my delivery date. get the intuition YOU WILL NOT CUT YOUR SELF!! trust me


Allie - March 2

I'm going to have to pick the Intuition up!! It's definitely top of the shopping list. If you really want a laugh, my daughter (6 1/2 years old) really thinks she could shave my legs for me...she's sure she'd do a good job...I told her not to worry, mommy would manage just fine :) (She's ready to start tying my shoes, too, but that's a job I'll let her have).


yungmama - March 2

It has been impossible for me. It takes me a full hour (not exagerating) to shave my legs. My bf would be more than happy to do it for me, but I'm a little scared about letting someone else take a razor down there. I will do my best till after baby is here.


Rebekah B - March 2

what does DH stand for?


yungmama - March 2

darling husband


Rebekah B - March 2

That's sweet, I was afraid the D was for Dumb for a moment.



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