Shelly How Are You Induction Due To Gallstones

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~E~ - July 26

Hi Sh__ly. I know you will be induced soon. How are you doing and how are you feeling?...excited?...nervous? We are thinking about you. Please keep us updated. I hope everything goes well with baby and mommy. :)


Shelly - July 27

Hi ~E~,i'm doing ok,excited and scared at the same time.My next appointment is friday the 29 th and we are going to see how readt i am to go into labor.I have a really nice doctor that listens and i told her i was afraid that the inducing was going to be more painfull than goiung in "naturally" but then after an attack im thinking,ok lets get this over with.So it really depends on the moment.My mind goes back and forth on this one but my doc say if my body is getting ready the inducing part will not be as bad.She is really trying to time it "right".At this moment we are looking at between the first and the eight of August.I'm also getting excited to see my little man.Still cant believe i'm actually going to be a mommy.How are you doing.Have they ever figured out what you sre having?Have they done a gallbladder u/s?Have you still been having the pain on your back and chest?Let me know and thanks for thinking about me.I'm sure everything will be ok.


~E~ - July 27

Good to hear from you Shelly. Well, you never know, maybe you will go into labor somewhere during the 1st and 8th of August. Looks like you will have a Leo...let me tell you, it's the best sign in the How many weeks are you now? Well soon, your eyes will be on your little man... I can't wait for that moment... it's seem like a miracle just to think about it... and to actually experience it, wow. So, are you planning on doing the surgery 2 weeks after delivery or...? I am doing ok...still have the chest pain and the upper back pain that comes at times along w/ other wonderful pregnancy aches and pains. I am still worried about the upper back pain...but I try not to think about it too much. I told my ob at my last appt. 2 weeks ago and asked him to look at it w/ the ultrasound. He said he wasn't supposed to...but tried anyway. He wasn't able to get a look at my gallbladder. He said, if it is that...that I would have to wait till after the baby is born anyway. So, he suggested waiting till after delivery and seeing if I still get the pain. If the pain got worst, he wanted me to let him know so that he can order lab work. In the mean time, he said to avoid fatty stuff (but he said spicy was ok)... I try not to eat as much greasy stuff and I think it helps. I did have some long-lasting pain last week tho...where I actually started crying...I was just so frustrated. Other than that one, it's been a little better lately. I have started to feel nauseous sometimes...but it is not the same time that I feel the back/chest pain. Well, for now, I figure I have to be patient...only 6 1/2 more weeks to go.


BBK - July 27

Shelly, good luck with everything. No worries, it sounds like you are in good hands. This will pa__s and you'll be holding youtr baby soon! Pls let us know how it goes!


Shelly - July 28

I always thought capricorn was the best sign in the im a newyears baby.Whenis your birthday?Something tells me its July or august... Oh and dont be freaking me out with remarks that i could go in labor between those 8 days.The whole idea of inducing is so i wont have to deal with contractions AND gallstone attacks at the same time.In the hospital they will keep my gallstone pain under control while they induce me.I'm not sure if you have read my posts on the gallstone thread but week and a half ago i had an attack that pretty much lasted over 60 hours,thats the reason we switched from lortabs to percocets,the painlevel has gone up.Then i had an other attack this last saturday night,from 3:30 am to 7:00Am so i slept a few hours,and being preggo means i need more sleep than that,and tonight i have one that wants to kick in but i took my pills so hopefully it will stay away.I'm glad to hear that you are doing better,cant believe that you can have spicy food,but you may not have the gallstones.i would still get it checked out after delivey,even if your symptoms are less,just to be on the safe side.If you read Anna"s story,she had them for a year with no problems and the pregnancy hormones really triggered you have 61/2 weeks to go huh?What is your EDD?And i cant remember what your having;boy or girl?BBK,i also think i'm in good hands,especially b/c they do listen,and i'm not a whiner so if i complain they do take me serious.I will keep you guys posted,friday is my next appointment and usually i find you guys on other threads as well.I love some of the psychos wehave out here!!!!


Shelly - July 28

I forgot to mention that we are still planning on doing the surgery 2 weeks after delivery.



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