Shelly Is Back With Her Little Man

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Shelly - August 13

Hi everyone,just wanting to let everybody know i finally delivered my little boy.His name is Jesse lee and he was born on august 9 at 7:14 AM,he was 20 inches long and his weight was 6 pounds 7oz. and he is the most adorable baby boy i have ever seen.(and i am being very modest).I know we usually post our "birthstory"on here but i think i am going to spare you the details since there are more first time mommy's ( like myself) on this site.I went in the hospital on sunday aug 7 to induce because of my gallstones.I ended up havimg a gallstone attack,i went 36 hours into labor and ended up with an emergency C-section.But looking at my little man i would do it all over again.I promise to post soon some pictures of Jesse on this site.


jb - August 13

Congrats!! So happy you and your little man are okay. :o)


Lissi - August 13

Congratulations Shelly! I too am a first time mum and appreciate birth stories, good, or bad. It sounds like yours was a pretty horrific experience, but it's really encouraging to know that you would do it all again, so thanks. I've got 3 weeks left (I hope it's no longer!). Good to hear that your little Jesse is doing well. Can't wait to see the pics! Well done! :)


E - August 13

Yeah!!! Congratulations:) How are you feeling?


BBK - August 13

Congratulations Shelly! Enjoy your precious newborn. See, I told you everything would be fine! God bless your baby and your family!


Michelle - August 15

How are you feeling after the c-section. I had one on my if you have any questions, let me know. Congrats to you and you new baby!


Karen - August 15

Congrats to you. Oh now I cant wait. 6 weeks to go. :)


~E~ - August 15

Congratulations Shelly! ...I almost missed this thread. I am so happy for you and your little are all done w/ labor and delivery and can enjoy each other!!! Keep us updated on your progress.



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