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amapolitamomma - December 8

We are trying to conceive this month and are going to be trying the Dr. Shettles method of conceiving a boy. I've already cut out all of my caffeine intake and I am checking my bbt and cm. What I want to know is, is this a waste of my time? Has anyone tried this method with success? The whole thing sounds pretty logical. I'm just scared I'll do something wrong and not conceive at all.


Jackie - December 8

If you're meant to have a boy, you'll have a boy. Let nature do it's thing. I personally think you're being ridiculous.


rl - December 8

well I just want to let you know I am prego with my 3rd BOY and I did not do anything to make them boys....I really think if the boy sperm gets there first that is what ya have...from what I have read the boy sperm swim faster so there is a good chance but take it from me if your meant to have boys ya will everyone told me this one was gonna be a girl but ha halol it sure isn't I am glad I love my boys and can't wait for this one to get here as well!!


Lin - December 8

My mother was a nurse and a lamaze teacher when she was younger. I know from her that one s_x thrives in a slightly more alkaline environment and one in a slightly more acidic one, but I can never remember which is which. Google it, and you might find out. I think back in her day, women would douche with vinegar or water and baking soda, but I'm not sure how much that really helps.


Sarah - December 8

You shouldn't worry, it is the guys sperm that will determine if it will be a boy or a girl. And they are determined as it is, but like Jackie said, if you were meant to have a boy, it will be, if not you will be happy with a little girl too. I was


amapolitamomma - December 9

Yes, I realize all of that. I'm not stupid, I realize that my husband's sperm will ultimately determine the s_x of my baby. However, male sperm are fast little guys, but are not as strong as female sperm. Therefore they thrive in an alkaline environment and do not survive as long in the v____a as female sperm, which swim slower. So, the closer to ovulation that you conceive, the better chance you have of conceiving a boy. Cervical mucus is very thin at this point and creates an environment condusive to the fast swimming male sperm. They also do not have a chance to die off before ovulation. Anyway, I would like to hear from people who have tried this, or know of people who have tried this. And please do not call me ridiculous, it's rude. I have a beautiful daughter and would be happy with either s_x, but just wanted to try this out. Has anyone even read Dr. Shettles' book?


Jill - December 9

Wow some people are so rude!! I have a real answer for you. We conceived a boy using the shettles method. I did the douche, position, timing... and it worked. I am one of 4 grils and we have two daughters so this is first boy in the family. I worked at a school where about 6 of us tried for a certain s_x and all but one got what they wanted. I hope that helps. I believe we can help natue along a bit. And FYI for all the negative people, some womens bodies are more alkaline or acidic naturally, so they favor certain s_xes and you have to take matters into your own hand to naturally change your body which is the environment for the sperm! Good Luck, Lots of BLUE baby dust to you!


Heather L - December 9

Jackie...I am pretty sure that isn't what she asked. I tried the Shettles method to have a girl since I already have 2 boys. I guess we'll have to wait and see. My u/s is on Thrsday!!! :) Good luck with your boy!


Jill - December 10

Good Luck Heather!!!


amapolitamomma - December 10

Thank you so much for your replies, they were very helpful!!! Now, if I can only get my hubby to wear a condom until O-day....


Jill - December 10

Better yet have him abstain! the more sperm the better for the boy. The only way I got my husband to do that was to have him think about having 3 teenage girls. That did the trick, was veery grumpy but he did it!! Good Luck!!!


amapolitamomma - December 13

Well, today I ovulated. I was having trouble with the cm and bbt being so unpredictable, but around 2:00 PM I started have some cramps and I thought, "this is probably it!". So we did it, and I'm glad, because around dinner time I started spotting! I think I hit it right on the nose! Anyhow, we tried to abstain, but my cycles are so irregular (anywhere from 14-52 days long), so I've been using the predictor kits and had the LH surge on Sunday morning, only 3 days after my per. ended, so there was no time to abstain. We'll see. With my cycles I have no clue what will happen.


kez - December 13

I have a couple of friends using the method who were successful. They had been charting etc for months before the actual "try" so they were sure of o times etc. From what I understand it is more successful with boys. I have two boys and thought if I tried for a girl I might be disappointed, whereas this way it is all up to nature ... and I have to admit I really enjoy the boy stuff!


Heather L - December 15

Well I tried it cause I wanted a girl. I found out today I am having a ...... GIRL!!! *yay* I already have 2 boys!



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