Shopping Urge What To Get And Expect

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SM - January 22

This is my 1st pregnancy, i'm pretty sure my mom will throw me a shower, but i was just wondering( i have the need to pick up some things for the little one) What should i shop for? i dont want to have to return any gifts or my purchases. So what are some starters that everyone started off with, when you had the shopping urge????? Thanks in advance...


tiffani - January 22

Oh how fun! Are you wanting to buy the more expensive items (stroller, car seat, crib, playyard, swing) or the smaller things (onesies, sleepers, clothes, socks, burp cloths) or some necessities (bottles-if you don't nurse, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, thermometer, shampoo)? Remember this too, if you do have a baby shower, lots of moms register at their favorite stores (Babies R Us or Target perhaps) to help your friends/family pick out what you really want/need for the baby. I found that just going and registering helped satisfy that shopping urge. I think I listed some of the more important things you'll want to have, but i'm sure I left out a few. If you want some recommendations on the particulars (like should you get a 3 in 1 travel system or buy a stroller and car seat seperate) please feel free to ask. Take care & have fun shopping!


Sarah - January 22

Thank you so much Tiffani. I think im more excited about going for the smaller things and necessities right now and possibly the big things later. But i think your right about registering will really satisfy my urge.


E - January 22

I felt that same urge and decided to hit the sale racks at Baby Gap and other fun stores. I got lucky and scored $150 in clothing for less than $40 (socks, blankets, onsies, sleeper gowns). I bought items that would be suitable for the season that my son would be born. Good luck and have fun:)


Jenny - January 22

My best friend just had a baby boy and she has spent $0 on him. He has enough clothes, toys, and big items to last him until 3. Her friends and family were so excited, we couldn't control our urges to shop! I would look for the big items because only the closest persons to you are likely to buy them for you if they did. Ladies at the baby shower will give great "safe" gifts, ones they know you will use and won't be super expensive, and know that you won't have to return. I'd also stock up on pregnancy books, and baby parenting books. Maybe make a list of the small things that are neccessary but easily forgotten (gripe water, soothers, wipes,baby brush, shampoo, baby bath) the little everyday things, organizers, bins, baby clothes hangers (very handy). Have fun! I can't wait to do it myself!



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