Short Period Then Spotting

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Becky - January 21

My fiancee and I were thinking that we could have concieved and we rushed out to buy some hpt's. Two were negative...but it was pretty soon to take we might have jumped the gun. I was suppose to start on monday and I did (was very sad), had lots of cramps, but didn't know if it was more than usual because I didn't want to take anything just in case. It wasn't too heavy and only lasted till the end of Tuesday. From then till today was just VERY light brown/pink spotting. I've had lower backaches and some dizziness (off and on). Haven't had any heavy cramps...but my stomache just feels "different" little tiny cramps and such...having to go to the bathroom a lot (even with not much there)...and being really hungry in the morning (which I never am). Am going to take another test today or tomorrow. Is from the same pack as the others though, should i still go to the dr. if negative?


Becky - January 24

ok...the test was negative again... but I've had so many symptoms... Should I try with a different type of test (before going to the dr that is)? how frequent are false negatives anyways?


kat - January 24

loads of people get false negatives,try first responce test,it may just be too early,good luck.


Sandy - January 24

I'm sorry to tell you this but the same thing happened to me a year ago and it turned out that I wasn't pregnant. I felt all the things that you felt (feel) but I got my regular period 28 days after. If you want to be sure you can go and check with your doctor. Good luck.


Becky - January 24

Twice I saw the VERY faint line on the test. Am going to try a different test now :-P Am also going to set up an appointment w/ my dr. Thanks for the encouragement. Just a side note...wanted to share some words that my fiancee had for me when I was feeling...a bit obsessive about the tests: Him: I [don't think] you are not pregnant. I knoe that you really wanted to be and that you keep holding on to some glimmer of hope. But it's not that bad. Like we said, we can easily try again ;-) me: *laughs*... I know love. I just... I have to be sure... Him: You became attached before we knew for sure, and now it is difficult to reorient yourself. so no, I don't think you are obsessing, I think it is natural and beautiful. He makes me smile so much in such a difficult time. :)



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