Short Temper

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luvmybaby1 - August 28

I am recently pregnant with our second. I am tired and have a little morning sickness not to mention fighting an aweful cold (thanks to my 2yr old!). It seems like I catch myself being short tempered with my son. Anyone else gone through this??? I'm a good mom and pretty understanding, but lately it seems like I'm a little on edge. Someone make me feel better, please... :)


Malica - August 29

I am normally a very level-headed person. I go years without raising my voice. And yet, when I was in my first trimester with our DD, I bruised my knuckles pounding on the wall. They were swollen for days. Not one of my finer moments... *blush*.


jenniferjo - August 31

Hmmm, let me see. I'm very understanding, have depression which isn't being treated right now because of pregnancy, have a 2 yr old and hubby who is only home about 2 hours every night and Sundays most of the time. I've taken a part tiem job to get out of the house a few hours twice a week and I've started spending more 'me' time when I can get it in. Everyone around says that I'm handling my hormones very well, but I'm not. I break down and cry because something has upset me at least 2-3 times a week, I'm more short tempered with my dd who is trying to stop naps and not allowing me time to lay down and rest my back(25 wks and already huge), hubby has been working more so today is the first day I've gotten to talk to him in a week(30 minutes so far).... I've had allergies this time around, tired more often, headaches and still sick sometimes. Considering everything I think I'm doing as well as can be expected, but... I've been known to lock myself in the bedroom and scream for as long as I can. I've often wondered what the neighbors think of this. Long brisk walks and runs are out now so I've settled for a brisk walk to the road and back a few times while perfecting my 'leave me alone if you are smart' growl and look. My dogs and cats often get yelled at and told my sad story while they sit and look at me like I'm nuts. Overall, I think I'm handling things well... everyone goes through their rough patches during pregnancy and some go through it until labor. If short temperedness is the worst then I'd say you are doing great!


tylers wife to be - September 8

I'm gonna jump in here and say that I too am experiencing a shorter temper than usual...typically it takes a lot to get to me but lately someone can breathe wrong or say something the wrong way and I lose it. Last night my fiancee and I were talking and I don't remember why but he said something that was just improper english and I went off! I am not perfect I know and I definately do not speak perfect english however recently I can not stand for someone to be in a conversation with me and not use proper grammar or words. Something as little as burning a piece of toast has set me off recently. But the fiancee doesn't know that I'm pregnant yet (due to a m/c in December...i want to be sure that we are past that point before I tell him) so he doesn't know that this is normal and he is scared of me at times :( I must add here that I am red-headed so my temper is super bad!



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