Should I Ask To Induce

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RABIA - January 9

My mucous plus is shedding since 2 days and I had gone for check up yesterday Dr did PV and said these are false pains because i was having cramps and gave me some medicine for that. Last night i had those back pains and strange cramps again i took medicine and they were gone, they had no timing pattern as well. please suggest should i ask my Dr to induce or wait at home for true pains because i am afraid i might bleed heavily suddenly or any thing bad may happen.


Malica - January 9

Induction itself carries its own risks and should, in my opinion, be reserved for medical necessities only. Now that it's impossible to ignore that your labour will be here soon, it's perfectly normal to be worried about it. But your doctor did check you out and if they had no concerns, you can rest a__sured that there is nothing to be concerned about at this time. Hang in there -- it sounds like labour will start on its own soon.


mjvdec01 - January 10

How far along are you? Did you voice your concerns to your OB. Sometimes all it takes are some encouraging words from your doctor to calm your nerves. Tell him what scares you and see what he has to say. It will probbably make you feel a whole lot better. Maybe induction would be something he would consider? I was induced with my first and had a wonderful experience, but that is me.


RABIA - January 10

well 3 days of mucous plug shedding now..false pains and cramps now and then without any time .I called up OB and asked about it she said nothing to worry about true pains can not be stopped through pain killers once they begin you will yourself rush to hospital only if you bleed fresh blood then come other wise wait at home until timely contractions with increasing intensity arise with an interval of 10 to 15 minutes. Any ways this waiting is killing my nerves ..i am mentally prepared for my first baby and labour but these false pains are making me sick before getting into the real thing. I am already in my 38 week now. Any can i make this time go smooth and happy? untill the real time comes??



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