Should I Be Albe To Suck My Stomach In When I Start To Show 6 7 Weeks

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Jenna - August 26

hi when you first get preg, like in the first 6-7 weeks. when you stomach starts to grow are you supposta be able to suck your stmoach in and look skinny still???.. i was just wonsering if its normal?


Balls - August 20

Yes you would be able to look skinny at 6 or 7 weeks because women don't start showing untill 3-4 months so you would look roughly the same size as normal untill 3-4 months. Does it matter?


Jenna - August 20

no it doesnt matter at all.. i actually want to be pregnant :D..i was just wondering tho b/c my stomach is slightly bigger then usual.. but iam able to suck it in lol...thanks


Jenna - August 20

does anyone else have any more info about this?


Kim - August 20

If you were thin before pregnancy, you'll be able to suck it in. If you had a belly before, you won't. Everyone starts to "show" at different times, but 6/7 weeks pregnant is really soon.


Jenna - August 20

yah i was skinny before pregnancy


Jenna - August 22

anymore replys?!...PLEASE :D


Donna - August 23

At six to seven weeks, you should look and be able to do the same things as before pregnancy. You don't start showing till about 4 to 5 months. You will know when your getting a pregnancy belly because it is very hard. Your belly will become unrealistically hard. Also, your belly will bloat out after you eat. Don't worry about it!!


Jenna - August 23

yah my belly is always more bloated after i eat.. like the low part of my stomach


Missy - August 25

You won't start showing until 4-5 months or even later that is way to early to be showing it's all in your head....


tina - August 25

Honey you have a LONG ways to go, and your not going to be showing at 7 weeks, come- on? be realistic, you have a long long road ahead of you..


kf - August 26

I started showing at 5 1/2 months and my belly is REALLY hard



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