Should I Be Feeling My Baby Now Or Not

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helen - November 24

h__lo, im 19 weeks pregnant and havnt felt my baby move or nothing yet im not a very slim figure but im not over weight either..does that have anything to do with it or not? and if i havnt felt my baby yet is it normal? and when will i be feeling it or when should i be feeling will be nice for a reply as im new to this site thank you!


helen - November 25

has anyone got a reply to this?


jannet - November 25

hi helen im also 19 weeks and havnt felt my baby move yet. midwife told me i'll be about 22weeks before id actually feel anything, also dont worry about no replys its happend to me when i really want to know something and i havnt had one reply of anyone, but you should feel it soon be patient


Christine - November 25

Everyone feels the baby at different times...if this is your first probably will not feel the baby until after the 20th week or so...dont worry as long as you are making all of your prenatal visits and the baby's heartbeat is strong everything's'll be feeling him or her any day now..


nbp - November 26

yes, every one dose feel the baby at different times, the first time i felt mine move...and i am over weight....was at four months, and i could just barely feel him, i couldn't feel it with my hand yet, but i could feel it, it felt like gas, infact, i somtimes thought it was, but it was the baby moving. don't worry too much, most women never feel the baby move, even though he dose, untill later on, when it becomes more noticeable. do you go to the doctor? if not, you should, it is the best thing you can do, and it helps the waiting process go faster, if you do, if he hasn't said anything, and the baby is fine, deffinately don't worry, but don't worry anyway, it is still early.


Macadiamond - September 1

I'm 211/2 and I felt my baby move around 16 weeks I couldnt feel it on my hand either but I knew it was the baby


Marisa - September 2

Hi Helen Im 20 weeks and have'nt felt my baby move don't worry I think we will soon feel it It's noraml


L - September 3

I'm sure helen has felt her baby seeings how this was from 2004 lol... but for those of u who havent, dont worry everyone is so different. i've been feeling my baby since 18 weeks and now at 25 weeks his kicks are getting stronger but my belly is so tiny compared to other girls at my stage :( but i know its because we are all different... good luck ladies!


emily - September 4

I actually didnt feel my baby kick until i was about 23 weeks -i noticed it more when i would lay on my back now i'm about 27 weeks and he moves all the time



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