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eben wildman - April 25

ok its been two weeks now ive tryed asking people on line a few times but always foreget to add another variable so here i am once again asking someone else for advise. ok the other day about two weeks ago my girlfriend and i had s_x unprotected but i am 90% positive i was out all the way and had directed it from hitting her but she was holding so i began to worry if i was totally out or not(i think i am just thinking about ti to much). it was the day after her period then an hour later when she got home she said she had gone to the restroom and there was some blood. we thougth that mabe it was just like i dont know left over from the day prior. now she is saying that she hasnt felt well and threw up last night(being about 2 weeks afterwards). she had given me a hand job before that and from my research if there was any sperm left over it could have come out in the prejaculation(?). for the past few days she has been telling my how tired she is but she is an athlete and has been playing sports and being active ever before school which is early mid august, which made me wondering about fatige but im not sure. please help me i need some guidence


snugglybugglys - April 25

Well first of all I just have to say, with my last pregnancy, I had got on the patch birth control, but I don't think it was effective yet. So we were doing the withdrawl method...and well my baby is now 12 months old. Second, it is very rare, but not impossible to get pregnant while on your period. The liklelihood is not that great of a chance. It could be in her head, if she has been thinking about this also. I wouldn't worry too much yet. Wait until 2 weeks when her next period should come...and if it doesn't suggest she take a test. Until then try to not stress. Good luck...I hope everything works out for the best. :)


olivia - April 25

I agree that it is unlikely she is pregnant. It is rare to ovulate so close to your period and withdrawl does offer some degree of protection. She might be so worried about it that it is causing pregnancy like symptoms. Hang in there, you'll know soon enough. Use protection (not withdrawl!) if you don't want to repeat this!


snugglybugglys - April 25

One more thing the spotting she had was probably left over like you thought. It happens to me all the time.



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