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cg - January 10

I am lonly 5 weeks pg., but I am having AF-like cramping still. It's not severe or anything, it pretty much feels just like AF...maybe a bit lower, closer to the pubic hair line. Is this normal, or should I be worried? Why am I having these cramps?


me - January 10

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was 4 weeks. That week, i had what my RE called implantation cramping, where the embryo keeps enbedding further and further into the uterine wall. It felt like AF cramps to me and I actually had to take deep breaths it bothered me so much. After a week, they pretty much subsided, but I still got crampy on and off for a week or two after. The cramp came and went in like a minute or so. Nothing was constant. It is normal, try not to worry. I am now 11 weeks. Good luck!


cg - January 10

So I should look at it as sort of a good thing?


Tami - January 11

It is normal-ligaments are stretching and stuff. I had cramping my entire first semester and had no problem! I was told by my OB that it is pretty normal. Now if you are cramping AND bleeding, then you have cause for alarm and should call the doctor immediately!


emilyandjoe - January 11

I am also 5-6 weeks pregnant, i just found out last friday and my life has been a blur ever since. Like you I have had mild cramps which are pretty scary. This morning I work up and my b___bs didn't hurt any more and I was having cramp like pains. This is really freaking me out, but having read this forum has actually really rea__sured me. and wiredly enough my b___bs are aching agin! I think we should keep thinking positive thoughts and accept that this sort of thing is normal. Good luck. xx


cg - January 11

That is another thing that worries me...I have absolutely zero symptoms (besides the cramping every now & then). My bbs are not the least bit sore, I'm not sick to my stomach...nothing. I still don't know if I should be thankful or worried!!


yungmama - January 11

BE THANKFUL!!! Some people are just lucky enough not to get these symptoms.


Steph - January 11

At only 5-6 weeks pregnant, you may not have symptoms yet...just wait. If you don't get any, your lucky, but it's pretty early, your gonna have to wait and see!! My last pregnancy I had terrible morning sickness, this pregnancy I have had none. It's been great!!



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