Should I Even Ask

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Lisa*9 - September 5

How would it work? Concerned for people's feelings!!! Some people are regulars on this site and are not well known yet to the regulars. The person in charge of the babydaze site has to make a difficult choice to invite people in. They have to prove themselves,which may be hard cause they probably don't post very much, I am sure they are kind people who don't say things bad or offer bad advice but are being left of the game so to speak? How can this issue be resolved! One way is too let them join, but they have to follow the rules of being polite,giving their best advise as they see fit, without arguing or name calling. If they don't abide by these common courtsy then they will be removed from the group without any warning from the leader. How do the potentialwant to be added to the group feel about this. This is a suggestion or if you can come up with other ideas please post in this thread.


Beccah - September 5

I agree with you Lisa. Actually, I guess I a__sumed that's what the group was going to do. First of all, I think that joining a group would eliminate MANY of the mean people around here b/c they can't post annoymously. If they get demeaning and rude, they should be out, end of story. Someone tried getting rude w/me in the other post, but they didn't post their name. I think that if they were not able to post anonymously, they would be more considerate of eachother's feelings. I looked around the group site when I joined and I saw that every member could have her own photo album and profile, and even be capable of taking polls (What are you having? Boy or girl??) I think polls like that would be fun and we could put a face to the screen names we have, You know? I think everyone should have an equal chance to join and if they screw up, then out they go! Thanks for posting this.


Amy - September 5

hi lisa*9 i'm one of them i have only been here on this sight since may and i do post but not alot i always post under AMY i know that i'm not the only amy but from what i have seen no amy has ever been mean or nasty but i looked at the group when beccah said that and i did join with out asking tiffani but i posted all about me and my family and even put pic of me and my family up so i went on one of these threads and told her i did and for her to read it and let me know what she thought well i went to look at my groups today and she had me deleted or what ever so i'm not on any more but i guess thats her deal but i guess it upsets me to know that some people just don't want to try to get to know new people :(


Beccah - September 5

Amy, I'm sorry you were booted out of that group. I'm sure that Tiffani just didn't recognize your name and deleted it. I would just keep posting here. Keep on helping people where you can and ask questions when you need answers. The important thing iis keeping the tone of this site happy and helpful, and when someone says something mean to you, just don't respond. That's what I do. Anyway, I want to get to know you!! When are you due, and what are you having?? I'm 6 months along now (26 weeks) and I'm due 12/10/05. Having a precious baby boy!!


Amy - September 5

Beccah hi i'm 28 and i'm having #4 i'm only 16wks 2d so i don't know what i'm having i have a 10yr old Mariah 4yr old Jaron and a 3yr old Juliana i know i have never said anything nasty to any one and when i see all of them getting nasty i just read and go on i never post any thing i look forward to talking to you :)


Tami - September 5

Hey Beccah, I know how you feel! I wasn't added to the group either. I don't post all the much, but when I do I have never been rude or said anything uncalled for! Just post here and we can be friends. :)


The yahoo group - September 5

Sounds like either a cult or a group of highschoolers excludeing people that aren't like them.


Beccah - September 5

Hey Amy. Wow, 4 kids. I love the name Mariah BTW. I found out that I was having a boy at 17 weeks exactly. I couldn't wait because me and my husband had a bet on what it was. This is our first child (I'm 22, he's 27) and I am so excited! I wanted to start painting his room blue and buying the cutest clothes I could find. Now I'm broke and without the essentials! LOL. What about you, Tami? Where are you at in the "stats"? (due date, how many weeks are you, s_x of baby, whatever else)


to all of you - September 6

You know what it is? We were told to take our "banter" elsewhere, and one person figured out a way for us "regulars" to do so. Several of us have become "friends" over the last year and wanted a forum that was a bit more private and easy to share personal stories with each other, without the risk of insults. If everyone joined the Yahoo Group, it would be a pain in the a__s to keep it simple and keep track of posts. Stop complaining about it. Start your own group if matters so much to you. I don't invite my entire neighborhood out for coffee when I only want to see my friends!


Mary - September 6

Amy, I am so sorry you were deleted from the group. I am not sure why Tiff would start deleting people before knowing if they are trouble makers or not. Sorry, Tiff! Anyway, I got your post and I was so looking forward to get to know each of you better. Amy, maybe it was just a misunderstanding?


The Yahoo's - September 6

well i think that it seems to me that the people that did start the group are the oly ones that are mean and nasty to EVERYONE !!! your on the net so no it is not like you are having any one over for coffee why not get to know people


Amy - September 6

Mary thanks we can still get to know each other here:)


Geez - September 6

If you can't join orhave been ignored move on. I simply don't understand the need to be included in a group when you are clearly not wanted. Get over it and move on with your life. It must really suck to be a freaking sheep who can't survive unless they have the approval of others!


ummm... - September 6

if I get my mom to call the principal, can I get onto the team?


just dont get it?? - September 6

I agree with those of you who say you dont want these insults posted by random people, but at the same time listen to you guys. You have created a sub-group of pregnant women...where you have a leader who is "Mrs. High Almighty" allowing only those to join who prove themselves righteous enough. THIS IS A FORUM FOR WOMEN TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT PREGNANCY. If you want to make a small group of friends, and those be the ONLY people allowed in....why dont you guys switch e-mail address or phone numbers...and do it elsewhere??? I REALLY do understand that you dont like the negative comments...and for the childish few who feel they must do that..they do have come to the wrong place. I mean come on people we are all adults!!


The Yahoo's - September 6

i agree with just don't get it they do think they are high and mighty and we are over it we just wanted to people to know what kind of people they really are!


Geena - September 6

If this was the case the yahoo group should not have been open to public. I checked out the site but i hardly see the regulars posting there. Forgive me for being nosy.



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