Should I Get Induced

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Ranae - August 6

My due date is Aug. 11 and the doctor has me coming in on Monday for a checkup if all is well he is going to induce me on Tuesday, is this okay? This will be my second child and I'm tired of being pregnant, I have alot of discomfort and pains, so is this the best for me?


To Ranae - August 6

Were you induced with you first child . Were you early or late?


Ranae - August 6

My first child was due on Sept. 13 and born on Sept. 21. This was after they changed my due date from Aug.31. My first pregnancy was very easy, this one not. I'm so tired and ready for him to come. I was induced with my first because my contractions were 5 minutes apart and I was dialated at 4 for many hours, I was't progressing. They broke my water and gave me potossium to help me.


To Ranae - August 6

I was jump started with my two pg's (induced). My first was due on July 21 induced 4 days later. My second due on the 9 of JUly induced on 18 . It's your call you are the mother.


Christy - August 6

Should be fine. When you have a planned c section they usually schedule it a week early.


to Ranae - August 6

I would say everything would probably be fine if your doctor induced you but the labor can be harder. The pain during labor is usually milder if you wait until the baby comes naturally I would definately recommend an epideral as soon as they will give you one if your induced.


cici - August 6

You are asking us if its okay? Your doctor will know better than us. You should ask him why he wants to induce you and if it is necessary. Get a second opinion if you don't trust him. Your second opinon should be a medical pro, not us pregnant girls. I hope your inducement goes well.


CSA - August 7

I was told that it shouldn't be done for convenience and most docs will tell you NO. If you are late or there is a problem I can understand that.He/She will know better b/c they have worked with you throughout. Good Luck. Ultimately, I think you have the last word. (My doc didn't go for the "tired of being pregnant speech.Ha Ha! I went a week later on my own)


Jamie - August 7

For most of my pregnancy, my due date was also the 11th, and I was told I was measuring big...about a month ago, the doctor changed my due date to the 21st, and started telling me I was measuring perfectly. (??) Anyway, last week, I whined about the 10 extra days, and the doctor has said that if I'm up for it, they'll induce on the 15th, splitting the difference. So...I'm having the same question as you, basically. To induce, or not to induce - that is the question...


Maleficent - August 7

my first baby was induced. it was a horrible experiance for me and the baby ended up in the nicu. i would NEVER induce just because i'm "tired of being pregnant". there would have to be a medical need. BUT, that's just my experiance. lots of women are induced without complications.


to Ranae - August 7

You would probably rather keep your baby with you in your tummy rather than in nicu. I would wait a little longer. What if your due date is off a couple of weeks? Let us know how baby is.


Ranae - August 7

Thanks for all your comments, I'll let you know what happens tomorrow when I go in for my visit. I have had a hard pregnancy and I think that if I can get induced I will. I have had a sinus infection since early March which has cost me to miss alot of work and then get laid off. I just want to feel like me again. This pregnancy has been very diffucult for me and the time has come to see this miracle, I was induced with my first one since my labor was so long with no progression, I think I can handle it. Thanks again!


Ranae - August 8

Well I've decided that I will be induced, tomorrow morning I'm getting induced at 7am. I just can't take it anymore. This sinus infection is really getting to me and the doc doesn't think it will get better until I have the baby. I'm dialated to 3+ and he heartbeat was alot higher today. Well wish me luck and I'll write back when I get home...thanks for all the comments


to Ranae - August 8

Good luck tomorrow. Will say a little prayer for you tonight. Let us know how everything turns out when you are feeling better.


Lissi - August 8

How exciting! Good luck Ranae! Wish you a safe and speedy delivery and a healthy baby!


Merin - August 8

My bf was born in 10months, he apparently had to be induced ^_^


To Ranae - August 9

Definatly NOT, Inducing your labor is unatural and puts alot of strain on your body, and you don't need any more than you will have going into labor when it's time, read up on it, It's dangerous for you, and your baby, fetal distress is a common accurance in induced births, and that will leave you no option but a c-section. I have 3 friends that all had babies within the last 2 months, 2 were induced, and 2 had emergency c-section due to fetal distress. The second one was in hard labor with no progress for 24 hours before they finally took the baby. The third went into labor early, but it was time, her labor lasted 8 hours I believe, but she had a v____al delivery with no complications. Check out this site before you make any decisions. And don't let your doc try to pressure you into one, they do that sometimes, when your babys ready it'll happen. Good luck! Apryl



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