Should I Go On With My Pregnancy

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desperate - November 17

I am six weeks pregnant but I hesitant to continue because I can`t remember when I took the morning after pill.In the middle of my cycle /last month/sept.If I continue will this pill do harm to the baby. My doctor said most likely not but iI would like other opinions.


lilmama - November 21

I strongly disagree with abortion. So my opinion may be a little biased. But if it were me i would go on. Millions of babies are born with deformities and handicappes and still lead wonderful lives and are loved very much. I dont know anything about the morning after pill, but all you can do is pray that you have a healthy baby. God will not give you something that you can not handle. Life and death are his decisions. If he does not think you could handle a baby with problems, he will not give you one. Best of luck to you with your decision. Not to preach at you but I hope you make the right decision.


amanda - November 22

I completely agree with lilmama. I'm sure your baby will be fine. You realize when you first get pregnant your baby is feeding off of a yolk sack and most likely won't be harmed by that pill. Obviously it didn't work anyway! Abortion is murder. If you decide to take that step and go for it, you will be haunted by that decision for the rest of your life. Pregnancy is filled with worries and that is completely normal. I drank a couple of times before I found out that I was pregnant and was scared to death that I hurt my baby. I ended up with a completely healthy, normal baby boy and did all of that worrying for nothing. So, my advise to you would be, calm down, get an ultrasound, and enjoy your pregnancy. Best wishes to you and your baby.


- - November 22

My advice is to keep going on, from what I know it won't hurt the baby, I mean it's only 2 pills & taken in such a short time, if you are worried ask the dr before you make any choices but I wouldn't worry about it...I don't believe abortion is right, but just because of a silly little pill is no reason to get one, things will turn out ok !


Rishell - November 26

I totally agree with lilmama. I don't think the fact that you took the pill is reason enough to end a precious life. Good luck!


abbie - November 26

you will be fine


o - November 26

just discontinue any meds, at six weeks there is a heart beat, a life, some people are not as fortunate to become pregnant.



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