Should I Have A Baby

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cindy - August 30

My husband and I have been married for 5 I always said I didn't want children. I always said I loved my life the way it is. But lately some things have been changing. I have had dreams about having a baby and I think about it all the time. Still I dont know what I want to do. I mean once you get pregnant there is no going back. But I find myself looking at magazines with nurseries in them and reading pregnancy magazines. What is wrong with me? Does anyone have any advice?


Viv - August 29

There's nothing wrong with you! Your evolutionary program has kicked into a higher gear. Your genes are crying out to be pa__sed into the next generation, the closest we can come to immortality! Have your babies, grow them up in a safe and secure environment, and spend your declining years enjoying the fruits of your labor.


Lori - August 29

Nothing is wrong with you. How old are you? You realize that in today's society more and more woman are waiting to have babies until they are older mostly because of career choices. There are really no risks to the baby, if you are healthy, until the age of 35 when the risk of downs syndrome is present if you want to wait. I would be sure you want to get pregnant for the right reasons- I would not base it solely on dreams or magazines I have looked at. Those things could just be a pa__sing phase if it has not been going on for months or years. Sometimes we woman get wrapped up in the attention a pregnancy brings and alot of times our desire to have a baby increases once our friends become pregnant or have babies. You have to look at your life and see where you want to be before you start committing yourself to a baby. A baby can completely change your life as well as your marriage so you want to be sure you are ready and doing it for the right reasons. Granted a baby is a blessing. Best of luck w/whatever you decide.


Tara - August 29

What does your husband think and want? This is a decision you should both make.


cindy - August 30

You are right Lori. I am not just basing it on magazines and dreams, those are just some things I mentioned. But I totally agree. I should not base it on those things. I am 30 and I am afraid if I don't make up my mind soon, if I do decide to get pregnant I will have a hard time conceiving. Sometimes I think I am really ready and then when it comes right down to it, I am too afraid to try. I think I am just confused and maybe I am just thinking about it too much. I am so confused.



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