Should I Have The Quad Marker Screening

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Leann - October 11

I am torn, my decision goes back and forth. First, if the screening comes back that there is a possible problem I do not want to spend the rest of my pregnancy worrying about the outcome. And even if there is a possibility, I definitely do not plan on terminating my pregnancy. But on the other hand, I want to be prepared for anything that may come so I can be the best possible mom to my baby. How did you decide?


Lisa - October 11

I just decided on the spot; I was not prepared to abort my baby if something was wrong. All the ultrasounds I had up to that point showed a developing normal baby so it seemed the next logical step to get the tests done; for me. If anything is wrong I want to know and be prepared for when the baby arrives; I don't want to be suprised if I can anyway help it. It is scary waiting for the results; I don't get mine back till next week and I've been wondering all the time about it. But, I've carried this baby for 16 weeks at that point and I loved it already. It's all a personal decision; you have to do what's right for you. If you don't want to do it, don't do it and don't let anyone make you feel bad for it either.


K - October 12

LeAnn, how old are you? My doctor recommended that I not do it because I am 37 and she said with my age it would not come back normal. She said that she sees tons of people my age that have normal healthy babies and all the quad test would do would be to stress me out. We had a Level II ultrasound instead, and all indications are that my little girl is fine.


Rhonda - October 12

I went thru having a positive result and it was not just for ds it was for trisomy 18 and that is soooo much worse and I was a mess cause first let me tell you, you get the positive result then you have to wait until further tests can be done and it won't be for a week or more and the waiting is the worst part cause you really don't know how to feel and yes you say you would not termintate but with trisomy 18 it would not be good to bring a baby into this world with that just do a google search on that if you want but if I were you I would not do that test on the other hand I did alot of research on this test and the test can come back normal and there be a problem and you get a false sense that all is well I had the level 2 sono done and my little guy is prefectly normal and fine but I went thru pure hell and would not recomend that test to anyone...but I am sure there are gonna be ladies that got normal results that will tell you to do it so it is up to you good luck with whatever you do....take care


~michelle~ - October 12

I had it, as well as another friend of mine. We both got positive ds results. I did not have further testing, I just spent the latter part of my pregnancy stressed out!! My baby was perfectly normal and healthy. I have since read about how many women get false positives. I'm not sure what the actual reason for this BULL SH** test it! Btw, my friend has a normal baby, also. I will NOT have it with the baby I am carrying right now. It's a crock of a test, which serves no purpose but to stress women out! I do NOT recommend this test, Leann. The last thing a pregnant woman needs is unnecessary stress. I would be willing to bet that women have aborted perfectly healthy babies due to false positive results from this test. It's absurd! Good luck


M.A. - October 12

I'm 17 weeks and never heard of this. What is this test? And what does it supposedly determine?


~michelle~ - October 12

M.A., here is a link that gives a little info: . Also, you can type "Maternal Serum Screening" in a Google search and it will give several responses. It is a terrible test IMO.


?? - October 12

I looked this up, but can't find anything to answer my main question. Maybe some of you have seen this. It tests for genetic disorders. My first was diagnosed with autism. Do any of you know if this can test for autism?


Leann - October 12

Thank you for all the advice! I talked to my husband and we have decided to not put the added stress of the Quad Marker Screening on the pregnancy. We will just deal with everything as it comes! Hope for happy pregnancy for you all.



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