Should I Lie

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~sb~ - April 11

I was fired from my job in early Feb. due to absences caused by pregnancy complications and later a miscarriage, I had to have 2 D&C's and was in the hospital for a week after the second one. I am now in the process of looking for a new job and have had several interviews...things appear to go well until my interviewer ask why I was "let go" by my previous employer...I just tell them the truth about missing work (which I had SEVERAL Dr. excuses for) and I never hear from them again! Should I NOT be telling people I was pregnant and miscarried or something? I dont understand?


Missy - April 11

It is a very personal matter. I would just tell the prospective employer that you and your previous employer had scheduling problems (which you did) and that you feel you have been able to overcome that obstacle (which you have, to a certain degree) and are ready for new employment. I myself would not share my personal life traumas with a prospective employer. I feel terrible for your loss and am glad to see you are able to keep going with your life. I wish the best for you!!! And if you are still TTC, lots of baby dust to you!


Lily - April 11

As an employer, I agree completely with Missy. Using health issues as an excuse of being "let go" is always hard to describe. I find a lot of people who step into my office try to skip about the problem and/or make it into some sort of misunderstanding between employee and employer. When I go into an interview with a prospective employee, and this question is brought up, I'm looking for honesty and results. Meaning, "yes such and such happened, but I've moved on, and ready for a challenge". Missy's way of stating the problem and then going onto say that you've now over come that obstacle is a great way to handle that question. I am sorry for your loss however, and I wish you the best of luck with your next interview!



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