Should I Opt For An Epidural

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Hannah - May 5

I have been wondering what the advantages are of having ab epidural. This is my first baby so I don't have any idea of what type of pain I'll experience, I know everyone copes in different ways. I wanted to try and have just the gas and air but not sure that will be enough pain relief! Do I have to say I want an epidual before I go into labour or can I decide when it's all happening? I know you don't get the same urge to push with an epidural which is why I thought I might try to avoid it. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm scared of labour!


Harry - May 5

I heard that the epidural have something in them that make you grow b___t hair if you get. So I say bear the pain if you can.


lily - May 5

i had such a good labor with my first baby yhat i'm scare of this one how is going to be but i think i still wont get the epidural i didnt get it with my first baby but i harly had no pain and also the night before the nurse gave me a pill to sleep good and i think that was what helped me with the pain because i had the baby super easy i had to push a litle bit and i was barely awake, good luck


Lynn - May 5

You should probably do your own independent research on this one. You're going to get a lot of opinions on this site about getting an epi. The lastest study to come out relates epidurals to the baby not being able to get in the face-down position for birth, which usuallly means a c-section. I've done my own research & I can hoestly say that I'm going to try my hardest to NOT get an epidural. I know plenty of women who went natural with their first birth & they were able to do it just fine. In many parts of the world epidurals are not given. They seem to be something that the western world has become inclined to get.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 5

You have time after being in labor to decide if you want to have an epidural. I got mine at 4 cm. Many many many many many women have epidurals and healthy babies. Contrary to popular belief, epidurals don't harm your baby. Wait until you see how you feel when you're in labor, then make your decision. You might be one of the luck ones who just breeze right through it. I think you have until you're around 7cm dialated before it's too late to get one, but check with your doctor on that one. As for getting the urge to push, when you get to about 8 cm, they usually ease up on the epidural so that you feel the contractions so you know when and how to push. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but I also have a huge appreciation for modern medicine and all it has to offer. Good luck with everything. :o)


R - May 5

I had an epidural with my first child and had no problems at all...I am now 10 days away from delivery of second child and I am going to get the epidural again...why suffer when it is unnecessary? I do understand your concerns though...I still ask myself, "What if...". good luck


J - May 5

I'm ALL about epidurals! You don't get the same urge to push but the doctor's and nurses tell you when to - and you are much more alert when you aren't in horrible pain... but you can decide during your labor, as long as it isn't too late. Don't be afraid of harming the baby - people have them every day and their babies are fine. There is no medal or trophy for those who go "natural". :)


Bella - May 5

It depends on your hospital. I got one when I was 9cm. They were like its probably not going to do much at this point and you've gone through the worst of the pain but I was in labor for three days and couldn't take it anymore and got it.



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