Should I Shave

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Linda - May 16

Im 38 weeks pregnant. I have a question about shaving, see my problem is that my pubic hair is a foot long and im scared to death that it will get in the way of my delivery. Should I shave it or just trim it back?


Kaz - May 16

Wow, a foot long? I can't remember what My feet look like. Um I'd trim it, unless your other half is up for shaving it for you. Definately do something with it, if we're in for a heavy like period when this is all over, it could be a hygene issue. Especially if huge pads are all we can wear.


Jenn... - May 16

I am scared of a razor now that I can't see my belly. I bought a remington bikini trimmer from target for $10. It works great and trims very very short and close without cutting. I recommened at least a trim.


Matt - May 16

A foot long? lmaoooooo What you should do is just braid


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 16

Definitely shave and trim everything up. Shave your bikini line down about an inch below your natural bikin line just in case a C section becomes necessary. Be very careful, it's really hard to do when you can't see what it is exactly that you're doing, especially with the scissors. :o)


Julie - May 16

If you have the extra$$$ go and get it done professionally. The salon that I go to said it is very common for women to come in and get prepared for delivery by having their pubic region waxed.


monica - May 16

Shave.... I plan on having my husband shave me.


Jenny - May 16

I would have my boyfriend shave it too, i mean i wouldnt get scared of him cutting me beause he shaves his head all the time, hes bald so i wouldnt have to worry about him cutting me


Gaby - May 16

I would also have my boyfriend shave it for me i know he wouldnt cut me either


jb - May 16

Shave in front of a mirror but you are definietly going to have to use a scissors to start off with. What about Nair? I have never used this product but that might work.


m - May 16

Linda, i a__sume you're exaggerating, right? LOL yeah, how about sitting on the floor in front of a mirror to cut and shave. If your 'pubes' have grown really long you should cut with scissors first. You don't have to get yourself smooth as a silk, but yeah, cut those hairs at the very least.


Jason - May 16

i think you should cutt it off and donate to LOCKS OF LOVE,,,,,,,,,,lol


Gaby - May 16

Why dont you tell your partner to do it for you cause i think its scary doing that without looking even if you have mirror in front of you


Rachael - May 16

you really shouldn't shave, you should just maybe trim it up either with scissors or buy one of those hair trimmers at the store. I use to always shave my hair BALD, my husband likes it and I don't like having hair...well, Due to the shaving, I developed an ingrown hair that became absessed and it had grown to the size of a quarter and it hurt so bad, I had to go to the ER and they had to give me a shot right inside the absess to numb it, and they had to drain it. it was the worst feeling in the world...the doc told me that no one should shave that area and should just use a trimmer to trim it up. It's your choice but I'd hate to hear about anyone else having to go through that.


Gaby To Rachael - May 16

What do you mean an ingown hair???For how long had you been shaving, im sking because i shave completely too, i cant stand having hairs, my boyfriend doesnt really care though he wanted me to let my hairs grow like him just to see how it would look ,hes so funny!!!


Rachael - May 16

I've been shaving for about 4 years...when you shave your hair off, the hair folicals are open and exposed to germs, and sometimes when your hair starts to grow back, it may be harder for a hair to break through a closed folical and can cause it to be an ingrown hair, and they sometimes can get infected and if they are not taken care of right away, they can become absessed (infected with bacteria)...... I think thats how it works, I'm not really sure but all I know is that I'm no longer going to shave, I'm using a trimmer because when they drained that absess, I cried and cried it hurt so bad.


Gaby - May 16

This friday was definetly my last time shaving. It sounds so painful to have an ingrown hair.I think im going to listen to my boyfriend about letting my hair grow like him



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