Should I Tell Her

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Bo - September 8

I don't want to use any form of Birthcontrol any more and I don't want my wife to either. Right now She is pregnant with NO.2 We used the pill for years before No.1 and condoms, pull out or nothing for about 2 years before No.2. She is 100% for No.3 and has said 50% for No.4. After that I don't know. We get pregnant VERY FAST. We wont use condoms and If we go back to pull out I don't think I will do it. Should I tell her and if so how do I tell her I don't want us to use BC ever again.


to much - July 21

you will have 17 kids


Bethany - July 21

If you do not want to use ANY bc every again, then I hope you all are ready to have lots and lots of kids. It you want alot of kids, then no bc is good, but if you do not want to have anymore kids, then you better stick to bc or at least have a vasectomy or have you wife's tubes tied. Then you will not have to worry about bc. Good luck!


bo - July 21

I love kids. She might stop at No.4 We wont have any surgery. She wiil leave the control up to me and I will not pull out ever again no mater what. We are still young so this may lead to meny kids.


muffy - July 22

your sick


felicia - July 23

whatever you guys decision on kids and such is, you have to talk to her..thats how marriage works, and im only 18 and i know that about being married..i cant beleive im answering a question to a most likely grown to her!!!


nancy - August 1

Sounds good to me. I love kids


tw - August 1

ummm. what is your profession?? Sounds like lots of kids to me...better have a good job so we don't have to take care of em'!!. Good luck!


? - September 1

are you amish


Grace - September 1

You have got to be kidding. Pulling out is not birth control. A woman can still get pregnant even if you pull out. Do they pull you aside as boys and tell you that if you pull out a girl cannot get pregnant? I am just utterly shocked that many of you men think this. I AM AN OB NURSE SO I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT PULLING OUT IS NOT A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL-- A FEMALE CAN STILL GET PREGNANT!!!!!..... Anyway, just tell your wife your feelings but ultimately it is her body. Have you ever thought that maybe she is getting to the point that she does not feel her body can handle having anymore babies? You should stop obsessing about the number of children you have and enjoy the ones you already have.


Nan - September 1

you need to talk to her and let her know how you feel and listen to what she has to say about the situation. Pregnancy is hard on a woman, she may want many kids but will your marriage be able to handle it. You both need to discuss it and both need to give and take!


ticked - September 2

I have been on this forum for a few weeks now, and have only posted nice notes to people. But, this is where I draw the line!! This is the DUMBEST post ever!!! I know there are others who are 13 and 14 years old asking very obvious questionson this forum, but they have an excuse. They are young. You do not have that excuse!!! You and your wife are both adult parents. So, act accordingly!!!! Either get surgery, or have 50 children It is that easy. There is no need to go on a forum and ask for others' opinions. It is your decision!! Period. And if you and your wife are too immature to discuss it, don't come crying to us when you guys get divorced and don't know what happened. Be adults!!! Also, do you not want the world for your children? I don't understand people like you!!! How can you give your children all they need, when they have to compete with 49 other siblings. That is selfish on your part. You like children? Fine!! But don't have a litter of them!!! It's not fair to them. URRR!!!


Sam - September 2

Oh come on Bo, even you must know that pulling out is NOT a method of birth control. It also makes for a boring s_x life! What is wrong with your wife taking birth control pills? It's effective and you don't have to use condoms - it's the perfect solution. It's pretty simple really, if you don't want to get pregnant USE PROTECTION. Whether it is birth control pills, the patch or condoms. If you are too chilish to want to use protection then be prepared for a lot more kids.


APRIL - September 2

Umm... I have to agree here. I think its a real stupis question to ask. We all know that "pulling out" isnt the answer.. its boring.. and like you said.. you get pergnant easy... well if u get pregnant that easy than why would u not over pulling out? Pre-ejaculation is JUST as potent as going all the way! I think your wife is going to laugh at you! Shes going to be the next one coming on here and asking us questions about how to tll her husband shes DONE and getting her tubes tied!


Mary-Beth - September 8

This is a very very very stupid question!!! I agree with ticked, sam, and bo!!!


anonymous - September 8

yes you should tell her it is very important that your wife is included in every decision made about the unborn and unconcieved children


vv - October 14




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