Should I Tell Her

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vv - October 14



E - October 14

If my husband tried to keep me pregnant for the rest of my life I would kill him.


m - October 14

Good Lord Bo! What is the deal with you? If you REFUSE any form of birth control, get ready son because you are gonna have a litter! You're not making any sense. You don't want a lot of kids, but you don't want to use birth control. Maybe you aren't as old as we think! I understand the discomfort that comes along with condoms. But my goodness, what is wrong with the pill, the patch, IUD's, etc. Whenever she is having the last baby, your doctor could tie her tubes (with her consent of course!), and be done with it. After all, she's already in pain anyway! And if she is having a c-section, hell, he's already in there! How old are you???????


E - October 14

I have to believe that many of the posts, this one and others alike, are fakes. It is scary to think that people are like this. I am frightened, HELP.


jenny - October 14

you sound so ridiculous


m - October 14

I agree with E. SURELY nobody is THAT stupid! Bo, get a life. And ladies, I wouldn't waste my time responding to a fake post.


Bev - November 19

i don't see whats so fake


dana - November 20

the more i read on this one subject the more p__sed off i get!!!!!


, - November 20



estee - November 20

hey there, well i know what you feel, because me and my husband went trough the same. why everybody reacts so stupid about your post i can understand, but i don't feel it. my husband and i stopped any kind of UNNATURAL birth control like pills, condoms, etc. but i think that if you decide to make this step (and believe me, i's a HUGE step involving a lot of dicipline) then you have to work for it. what i mean is that obviously you can't just have s_x and c_m inside all the time - that way you would definitely keep your wife pregnant for the years to come and you'd end up with a lot of kids (which might not be the cleverest thing to do). but there are options. well, there's one option i know of. yes, (people, don't hate me) but NATURAL FAMILY PLANING is the perfect thing for me and my husband, as it is for many people, so it might be right for you too. there's a book called "the art of natural family planning" and it has been like my bible for the past years. natural family planning (nfp) is simply about recording your wife's cycles very accurately by taking her temperature every morning and charting it, recording her menstruation, her mucus, etc. that way you can find out when her most fertile, less fertile and not fertile at all days are. it might sound easy, but it is a lot of work, especially for the first three months (if your wife has a regular cycle) or the first six months (if her cycle is not very regular). wow, this is taking too much space and time for you to read, so if you are interested, email me at i'd be happy to explain more or simply just reason on it. wishing you and your wife all the best, estee


E - November 20

The reason I think this is fake is b/c it seems to be baiting the women on this forum, as many posts try to do. Maybe it is real but I have never seen a man on a pregnancy website stating he "never wants to use bc again". It just seems out of character for a man, that's all. Maybe we are wrong and if so, I apologize to the OP. The part that is the most baiting is when he asks if he should tell her that he does not plan to pull out during s_x. My opinion only...


E - November 20

So my advice to the OP is: YES you darn well better tell her and why you need to ask strangers that is a mystery! Communication, Communication, Communication, .......



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