Should I Tell Them Or Not

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Tomygirl77 - June 24

I was offered a job with our public school system to start in August 2008 that would give me the freedom to be off work during the school summer break and holiday breaks. I excepted the job and found out two weeks later that I was pregnant. I have to go in July for my physical and know that I will pass it and then I will receive the official offer of employment but I don't know if I should tell them if I am pregnant or not?!? I am now 12 weeks pregnant and can hide the pregnancy till I would start in August but I don't know I should tell them ahead of time or be deceiving about it. What should I do?!


mjvdec01 - June 24

Unless they ask, I wouldn't think it would matter. Would they recind the offer if they knew? If it were me, I wouldn't feel the need to tell uless I was directly asked. I don't think that you would be "deceiving" them by not saying anything.


mommyofdkt - June 24

You dont need to hide anything. If they ask, which they legally should not, and you tell them that you are pregnant and they dont offer you the job because of it then you should sue the hell out of them!!


dani. - June 24

It is against discrimination laws not to hire someone based on them being pregnant. But are you going to be a teacher, and what grade? If so, do you think it would be good for the children in your clas to have you for a few months, then have to deal with you leaving and having someone new take over your cla__s, and how fair is it the the new teacher to have to come in in the middle of a school year, or the school to have to try to find a replacement so quick? Maybe you should be honest in the begining, so they can better accomidate you, giving you a library job for instance untill you return from maternity leave, and they could start looking for a replacement sooner, so the kids arn't stuck with subs for too long, which is disruptive to their learning. I am an English tutor for 1st - 6th graders, hoping to become a teacher soon, and I decided to finish this school year, then take a whole year off. Im due in November.


schreck - June 24

If it is a teaching job don't sweat it. Students graduating in December will be jumping at the chance to cover your maternity leave. It would be great if there was someone student teaching in your school. I covered a maternity leave right after I finished student teaching, and before I graduated. Things went very well. Have your sub "help out" in your room a few days so they can know how things run. If you feel guilty about not telling them, tell them.


Tomygirl77 - June 25

Thank you to everyone for your responses. I am not going to be working as a teacher. I will be a school secretary so me leaving for maternity leave shouldn't be a problem. This won't disrupt the students and they have people that they use for subs when the secretarys go out for leave or choose to leave for other jobs. Thanks again! It really helps!


Grandpa Viv - June 25

Let's a__sume that you plan to return to work after a reasonable maternity leave. Personal honesty is an issue in this kind of job. They have already accepted you on the basis of your qualifications. Why don't you take the physical (the doc may notice you are pregnant anyway), and when the new boss makes the offer final, tell him how much you appreciate the opportunity, about the changes that have taken place since you first applied, and how you plan to handle it. Good luck!



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