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Shanna - May 30

Have a 5 month old and took a test this morning since I'm very late and it came back positive, Lord help me!! Anyway, last night before I knew, took pepto bismol because everything I ate came back out... went on some sites this morning and all of them say how bad that is to take, how much should i stress about this? only took it that one time. also, have been having period-like cramps, feels like AF is going to come, don't remember this with my daughter.


HannahBaby - May 30

You only took it once, and you are just pregnant, i would not worry about it at all hon. alot of people take things that they shouldent before they even know that they are pregnant. Also, there are women who are still smoking, drinking, and doing other dangerous things, you will be fine!! And congrats!!


Erynn21 - May 30

I am pg w/ my 1st., but I also had those same type of cramps, I kept thinking I was getting my period(which I didn't want) they were sort of "phantom" cramps. Period never came and I took a test, here I am 26 wks. These cramps are pretty normal, you're probably just stretching earlier this time. The pepto thing I wouldn't worry about either, lots of women do things before they know, and the danger is after the placenta is in place, you're only a couple of days late so your 3wks or so, none of that has happened. Good luck.


Shanna - May 30

Actually, last period was around the 14th of April, which is ironic, thats about the same time had my last period with my daughter!! I stressed over so much with her, thought if I ever got pregnant again, I would be better...guess thats not gonna happen!!


angie m - May 30

I had a friend who took pepto bismol while she was pregnant and said the doctor told her it was ok. Her baby was fine but it sounds like you have found out that it is bad so just don't take it agien know that you know. I am sure your baby is fine. I have had 3 and with all of them I knew I was pregnant because I had period cramping without any bleeding. All of mine made it full term and are very healthy. Take care and try not to worry too much.


lexa - May 30

Shanna, I agree with HannahBaby. A lot of women do alot of things they shouldn't when they have no knowledge that they are pregnant! The important thing is you know now and you can take precautions here on out. I had cramping with this pg at first like you did too, and I'm okay (22weeks along). Congrats to you on the expansion of your family:-)



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