Should My Wife Get A Flu Shot

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michael - October 18

My wife is 5 months pregnant with twins conceived through invitro, her ob does not recommend her getting a flu shot, however, virtually all other health related websites say she is at high risk !! For example the CDC, our State Dept. of Health, Etc...What should we do?.....


follow - October 18

I would follow your doctors advice, he's knows better your wife's health issues than the CDC, State Dept etc.


A - October 18

As "follow" said, your wife's doctor knows much more about her case than does some generalized websites.


cna - October 18

i am a cna in a nursing home, so i am high risk, but i am not allowed to get the flu shot because of my pregnancy. the risk to the baby is greater than the risk of catching the flu. take care


Lisa - October 18

I would follorw the doctors advice; he has medical history on your wife that a website does not.


Em - October 18

Since the flu shot is recommended to pregnant women, why don't you directly as your doctor why she does not recommend it. Hopefully this will give you the answers you need.


M.A. - October 18

Doctors have advised me that I shouldn't get the flu shot. I'm five months. It is safer not too. A lot of flu shots still have mercury in them, which it totally unsafe for babies. They won't even give flu shots to babies under 6 months around here. So I wouldn't recommend it to someone carrying an infant or fetus!


Sherry - October 18

Although I am only carrying one baby, my dr said that she wouldn't advise getting the flu shot. She said that there's not enough research done on pregnant women to deem it 100% safe. Besides the flu shot only protects you from a certain strain of the virus....there's a lot more strains out there that your wife could catch.


ally - October 19

if doc says no then no it is, good luck with twins, i can barely manage one haha, take care


tiffani~13 days to go!! - October 19

I guess it depends on who you ask huh? I bet if you took your wife's medical records to another doctor, she would be advised to get the shot. I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and have received a flu shot with the first 2, and am waiting to get one this time around, as soon as they arrive at my doctors office. To play it safe, don't go against her doctors recommendations. Just tell your wife to be vary vigilant about washing her hands, which is the most effective way to help prevent the flu. Congrats on the pregnancy! :o)


mommiewith2girls - October 20

It really depends on your doctor, I'm 36 weeks and preg with number 3, this is the first time I got the shot just because my girls were both born in the spring and I wasn't afraid of getting sick during that time, but now that this baby is a fall/ winter baby and the flu is more active during this time, I opted to get it. Both my girls will be getting it also. Just for protection for the baby. I'm not sure but I think that most doctors recommend getting the flu shot for women in their third trimester. Since your wife is 5 months and is probably due in Jan or Feb that's when the flu is at it's worst, maybe at her next appointment express your concerns and see what the doctor says then.



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