Shoulder Dystocia Anyone

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Kiddolebel - November 30

My first pregnancy went real well, course I was ALL baby by the end and my labor went fine, I was induced and such. But towards the end of the hour of pushing, Kyles head popped out and none of the shoulders. He had shoulder dystocia. They did an emergency episiotomy and i had like 4 nurses on top of me pushing on kyle, he finally came out after a minute. Thank god he has no long term injuries from it. He just had a bruised shoulder for a week. Then to top it off the placenta didnt release...oh it was fun. Now Im pregnant with my second child and the first words out of the drs mouth were C- section. She told me it was up to me..i personally would rather a va___al birth because she said that it MIGHT not happen again. So its basically up to me. Has anyone ever experienced shoulder dystocia?


Jamie - December 1

I haven't personally experienced it, but I worked for a medical malpractice law firm that represented a lot of parents of children with shoulder dystocia. The thing is - since you've already had one child who suffered from shoulder dystocia, you could sue the doctor for medical malpractice if your second child was delivered v____ally and also had shoulder dystocia. If I were you, I would *seriously* consider the c-section. Shoulder dystocia can cause permanent injuries to children - I have seen a child who had no use whatsoever of his right arm, because of shoulder dystocia. No amount of surgery was able to repair the damaged nerves. You got lucky with your first baby having such a minor you want to run the risk of permanently injuring your second child?


kiddolebel - December 1

Im really leaning towards the c section, we also thought about inducing me at 37 wks but it all depends on certain factors that its too early to figure out yet. I know the risks, ive done the homework, Thanks for the advice. I wish I COULD sue, i REALLY do, but i cant due to the fact I had the baby with my husband in the military and you cant sue the military medical. Thanks again for the advice, i appreciate it.


Jamie - December 1

You can sue military medical...:) My husband's military, too. With your first one, since he only had a bruised shoulder for a week, there are no real "damages" and so no case.


kiddolebel - December 2

Has anyone experienced this?



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