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?! - October 20

I'm having another baby in March, when my daughter will be 1 1/2 years old. This one is a boy! I still have carseats, strollers, you know, big stuff. I just need another pack n' play for him to sleep in because my girl is still using hers and loves it. I'm going to look to see if I have any neutral colored clothes, but will probably need boy's clothes. And what is for girls, I'm giving to a friend who is having a girl. Should I have another shower, and invite the same people to come, or help organize, or what? I'm not sure what would be rude, or tasteful because I've never had this happen. This is my friend's first after a couple of miscarriages, and she's having her baby 1 1/2 months before me. What would you do?


Theresa - October 20

I would have the shower, but specify in the invites that its just for little things, or make a redgistry and only put like clothes and bottles and things on it so they know you dont need much and this is mostly to celebrate you new baby boy.


Opinion - October 20

Since you children are so close in age, I would say no for another shower for yourself. But I would help and organise one for your friend.


k - October 20

i would say no to the shower since your children are so close in age...if you really want to do something have a welcome to the world shower after the baby is born


kr - October 20

Has some one offered to throw you a shower? If that's the case I would say it's ok to have a low key shower. I agree with 'opinion' that you can throw yourself a welcome party after the baby is born. You should definately throw one for your girlfriend.


Yes - October 20



tiffani~12 days to go!! - October 20

I would not have another shower. Your closest friends and relatives will in all likelyhood give you gifts for the baby regardless, but another shower seems to be pushing it just a bit. Showers are generally only given for the first baby, and are usually thrown by a close friend. You have all of the most important things you're going to need, except for the pack n' play & I bet by the time March comes around, your daughter will have outgrown the pack n' play, and you won't even need to get another one. As for your friend, I would absolutely throw a shower for her, especially after all she's gone through. Good luck! :o)


?! - October 20

I have no clue how to throw a shower. But my friend has already started a registry, and I've already started to buy things for her. We're not really close, but I plan on going to her shower. That's why I've been getting something to show her my support no matter what every month.


Shel - October 20

I would agree and say that if someone has offered to throw you one, go for it. Especially because you are having a baby of the opposite s_x. It doesn't matter as much that they are close in age, the big deal is you are now having a boy. I hope a close friend or family member throws you one and you get lots of great boy clothes. Or the idea of a welcome party that you throw is great too!


jb - October 20

My friend is having her second girl soon. Her first daughter is only 2 yrs and she is having another shower. She only registered for little things like bottles, pacifers, and diapers. I see nothing wrong with having another one. Since baby things get worn out and you need new ones. Plus you want boy stuff now!!!


A - October 20

Have someone else throw it, but ask them to indicate you've got the big ticket items. In today's day and age, it's not a big deal to have more than one shower...especially if you're having the opposite gender this time!


Just my opinion :) - October 20

I would not have another one. Everyone has already bought you stuff once and not to long ago,seems rude to ask for more even if it only for little things.I'm sure you and your husband can afford to buy bottles and clothes. Plus you know everyone will probably buy a gift for the baby once he gets here anyways! Good luck.Best wishes! :)


Leigh - October 20

The one-time shower thing is out dated. It's no longer improper to have more than one. And with things being tight in the world today, I don't see why it's so bad. I have gone to many double and TRIPLE showers for women, and never thought anything about it. Boys, girls, whatever. I go to theirs and they go to mine. Not a big deal.


rl - October 20

I would say no to a shower since your kids are so close together a shower is for new mothers that need pretty much everything and since you mainly have all the big stuff you should be able to afford to get clothes and little things having another shower would be in bad taste on your part really not trying to be mean or anything and you can find great clothes at a consignment shop for babies these days and also really affordable pac n plays too...good luck


J - October 20

I would not have another shower, in my opinion it seems kind of selfish. My friend has already has one kid and is pregnant again and she is having another shower and I refuse to go. To me, showers are for first time mothers to help them get started with some of the things they need. I realize that you will need new things with the second child as well, but it just seems like you should already have some of the things that are needed and won't need to spend much more money on other items. That's just my opinion, I am not trying to be rude or start anything.


No - October 20

I don't think you should have another shower. You are the one that wanted the second baby, and in my opinion it should now be up to you and your husband to buy the extra things that you will need. You said that you only need little things, that shouldn't be too hard to purchase on your own b/c like I said before it was your decision to have another kid and you should have htought about the expenses before hand.


klmr - October 20

Well, I wouldn't throw a shower for yourself. But I like the idea of a "meet the baby" party after he is born. You could have a BBQ and everyone can come by & meet your new little one & you will probably get a lot of gifts!



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