Shower Yes Or No

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klmr - October 20

Well, I wouldn't throw a shower for yourself. But I like the idea of a "meet the baby" party after he is born. You could have a BBQ and everyone can come by & meet your new little one & you will probably get a lot of gifts!


Baby BBQ - October 20

I think you should have a BBQ to celebrate your first little boy and invite boys and girls and tell everyone NO Gifts. You have to celebrate even if it is after he is born!!


to klmr - October 20

KLMR - we must have been typing at the same time!!!


?! - October 20

For all of you who think it's selfish to have a second shower... I'm not trying to be selfish, or think, " What's in it for me?" This is our first son. The first son to be born since my husband, in his family. No, we don't NEED a shower, but every child deserves to be celebrated. Also, for those who wouldn't dare go to multiple showers, that's selfish. I've had friends at our church have babies year after year, and I was looking forward to them having a shower. And if they didn't, I would have them stocked up on diapers and wipes. Now I know that's not selfish! Personally, I love giving when needed. Whether needed or not! I love being a part of the giving to others. Even if not close friends. Another thing. My husband and I didn't plan this pregnancy, but I thank God everyday for our new son! He is our surprise blessing! Sure, we can afford to go buy things ourselves. I think we'll have an introduction party when our son is born though. Thank you all for your support and, or opinons. No hard feelings! God bless you and all of your children!


No - October 20

I am not saying that I don't like to give gifts to people, but it should not be expected everytime someone pops out another kid. You can celebrate a baby without expecting more gifts. More than likely if you have a party people will give gifts anyway, but I don't think it should be expected for every kid you decided to make. I personally would not go to someones baby shower if they had more than one, that's just my opinion. I like to buy gifts for people and help them out, but not when they plan a baby shower just to get more gifts. I think it's just rude, and I would never expect someone to buy me any gifts.


Lisa - October 20

Where I am from we have a baby shower for every baby that comes; even if it is their third. It's just the norm, people buy the bigger things at the first shower then smaller things for the second; unless they need a new one of something else then people will join in on it together. Make a light party of it with some food and some champagne for the women who want some and it will be a great time. It's not being selfish, it's a celebration. If people dont want to go, they wont.


?! - October 20

I've been "expecting" my son for eighteen years now. And I'm finally recieving. He is my gift. I don't care about bought gifts. Everyone's going to know that too! If you don't expect you don't receive. You want to choose not to expect things in life that's up to you.


?! - October 20

Like I said, Thank you all for your support, and , or opinions. That means, you're not bothering me if you're being rude, or selfish. I did ask, and I thank you for giving. I wouldn't have asked for opinions if I didn't want to hear your input on the subject. (THE SUBJECT OF SHOWERS, NOT HOW MANY KIDS GOD CHOOSES FOR US ALL) I'm not fighting here. I'm just stating that, yes this is a surprise pregnancy, but no mistake what so ever. And yes we can afford clothes for our children. And others for that matter! And not that it's anyone's business, but I don't have a hundred kids. And don't plan on "popping out" a hundred to beg, or for anything else. I'm not some welfare case that has kids just to be "taken care of"! If you're so much against having babies, why are you on this site? Where most here have children?


Shel - October 20

PLEASE - everyone stop harra__sing ?! - she seems like a genuinely nice and compa__sionate women. There is no reason to give her a hard time and call her selfish or rude. She has been gracious and kind to receiving all sorts of advice. I say have the shower, celebrate and those who want to buy you gifts will - although several of us can clearly see you are NOT in it for the presents. People, please stop making ridiculous comments to start stuff. It's a question about a shower, that's all.


Leigh - October 20

You are right, ?!: all children deserved to be celebrated. Each of my kids will have a designated section of their baby book that has clips from all of the gift wraps and descriptions of the gifts - not because I am selfish, but because I am fair. Like you, I have attended many a shower for a mother who already had one, and I thought nothing of it. The truth is, regardless of who you are, taking care of a new baby is hard and every diaper, wipe and onesie is helpful. One of my aunts had her third child two years ago, and I attended that shower much as I attended the first and second. I think it is rude to call people selfish for throwing a second or third shower; this old mindset is very, very outdated. We all help each other. SCREW protocol and support one another. If you need diapers and a stroller, I will buy them for you! And if I need something as well, I certainly hope you'll be willing to help me instead of selfishly sitting at home pouting because I am doing something different than you.


Lisa - ?! - October 20

I don't think you're question is stupid, not are you being selfish. I plan on having a celebration for every child I have. Have fun and I hope you enjoy yourself!


TO: ?! - October 20

At first I said No to another baby shower, but after all the c___p some of these people have said to you I feel like you deserve one! lol. You seem like a sweet person and if you want another shower for your little blessing, go for it.


HH - October 21

Throw a "Help us celebrate our baby boy" party and write "No gifts required" on the invitiation. If everyone is like me, they will bring gifts anyway. My guess is that if people on here have a negative opinion, some of your invitees would, too. My family doesn't do second showers unless it is a long time after the first or a first baby from a second marriage or something. Good luck. In the end everyone will get over it, either way!


ker - October 21

I wouldn't have a shower for myself if it were me. I would wait and see if someone was going to offer to give you a shower and then let them. I'm sure you will get gifts when the baby is born anyway. Good Luck.


Beth - October 21

I am also having another baby and I am due in march as well. we just found out we are having another girl. But before we knew what we were having I was not going to have a baby shower cause the kids will be close in age, instead I am going to have a Welcome brunch or something like that, after the baby is born. That way I can include my daughter too. And so people do not feel obligated to bring you gift....even tho you know some people will. Plus the reason people like baby showers is for the baby, and they would all be more thrilled to actually see the baby!! Good luck.


Melissa - October 21

I think showers for second (and third etc.) are fine. But when they are so close in age, I'd say not to because.....well to be happy as people are for you, having a shower just forces them to buy you more gifts. Times are tough and I personally would not want to keep going to shower after shower, especially when these gifts are not cheap. Also, if you already have the major stuff that you need, then why have another one? Just ask the people very close to you that if they are going to get you a gift, chip in for the pack and play, or tell them something specific to buy for you. But having showers so close together is a burden for others. And yes, you should help plan your friend's shower.



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