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Worried - December 5

I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I'm showing a little, like if I wear tight shirts. I was wondering if I don't show much throughout the entire pregnancy will that mean I'm gonna have a small baby? Please help!


Brandi - December 5

My first daughter I didn't show at all until around 6 1/2 months, she was a month early and almost 7 lbs., so just because you're small at first doesn't necessarily mean the baby will be small, more than likely you'll just start to pop out all at once, especially since this is the first. As long as the doctor thinks everything is okay, don't worry.


Worried - December 7

Thank you so much Brandi!


Jamie - December 7

I showed very early and had an 8 lb baby; a woman I know didn't start showing until she was 7 months, and had a 10 pounder.


Tess - December 7

Im 16 wks 5 days and I started to show a little bump last wk....I kinda feel the baby move as well (like turning n stuff) but no kicking movements yet. I think its too early for me to feel those. all depends on each pregnancy whether you'll have a small baby or big baby.


jb - December 7

Everyone is different. Some people pop out right at the very end. Some people only gain 20 pounds and have a 8 pounds baby, while some gain 50 and have a 6 pound baby. So I wouldnt worry I dont think it make a difference on the size of your baby. My sister in law didnt show much at all for her first baby, and she only gained 16 pounds. She was induced two weeks early and still had a 7 pound 5 ounce baby!!!!


Jamie - December 7

I have been getting really worried because sometimes my stomach sticks out a lot and you can really tell and other times it does not stick out much at all. I am 17 wks right now and this has been happening since 13 wks


Worried - December 7

Thanks guys, this makes me feel a lot better. I really want to have a healthy baby, not 10 pounds (lol) but at least 7 or 8. To jamie my stomach does the same thing, like in the mornings I won't show as much but by afternoon or evening time I actually look pregnant. I think it may have something to do with eating over the course of the day, I'm not sure though. Try not to worry to much:)



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