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Truthy - April 28

I am almost two months pregnant. This is going to be my third child. I know this seems weird but I already have quite the pouch. My mom said with every pregnancy you show sooner. But isn't it way to early to show?


snugglybugglys - April 28

This is my 4th pregnancy, and the second I showed sooner (but it was twins) my 3rd I started showing around 8 weeks...and now I'm only 5.5 weeks, and already showing.


pania - April 29

Hi, Im 9 weeks pregnant with my third, I have also noticed that I am carrying a pouch already, my b___bs are huge. It seems that all of my pregnancy symptoms have started alot earlier with this one. Even when I lie very still I can feel very small flutters. Im not sure if all of this is mental or its just what happens when you've had a coupla kids already. Im glad its not just me!!!!


270606babygirl - April 29

It's called been bloated no matter how many baby's you have already had you dont start showing at 2 months or 5 weeks


270606babygirl - April 29

you're baby isnt even the size of a grape :S


Tess - April 29

Every pregnancy is different.....Whether its your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd child.


snugglybugglys - April 29

actually you do start showing early baby girl...and it is not's because your muscles inside are looser actually. And duh I know what the size of the baby's everything getting streched out sooner. NOT the size of the baby!


Erynn21 - April 29

This is my 1st and I started showing at 2 months. I don't know what would happen to me with more pregnancies, I'd probably show before I was even pg, lol. I have a short torso, so there's no where for my stomach to go but out. And baby girl it wasn't just being bloated my stomach was hard, not squishy, it doesn't matter that the baby is the size of a grape. It's you uterus growing and you're muscles stretching. P.S. everyone is different and some ppl don't show until 6 months some 6 wks.



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