Sibling Adjustment

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Julie - November 14

I have a 4 year old who is not exactly excited about the idea of a new baby .I have enrolled him in a sibs class at the hospitalin dec.(due in mar.) What else can my husband and I do to make thie adjustment a more positive one. He's been the baby for so long and I'm not sure he wants to give up his t_tle. (he's Also the only grandchild on both sides)


ally - November 14

they say to get ur child to help out when baby comes, pa__s the nappies, do this, do that, so they still feel involved, thats one method altho i only have one baby, i guess still making them feel important, one parent could perhaps take the older one to the park and the other stays with baby so he still has quality time on his own from time to time, talking about baby before he or she comes, asking him to help u pick out clothes, blankets etc from the shops, just involving him as much as u can would be my suggestion


Jbear - November 14

My daughter was 3 and a half when her sister was born. We talked about the baby throughout my pregnancy, showing her drawings of how big the baby was. Before I went into the hospital, I took my daughter shopping to pick out a gift for the baby, and I bought her a gift "from" the baby (they don't question presents at that age). Still, she wasn't wild about the baby at first. We had some toilet issues, and she also threw things at me and the baby. She also tried to give her sister away to anyone who admired her, and kept saying no one loved her anymore, just the baby. I was really concerned. Then she started getting more interested...for one thing, our baby smiles whenever she sees her big sister, and kicks and gets all excited. Now she's a great big sister. When we go to the park, I'll always see her pointing at the stroller and telling other kids, "Look, that's my sister," and on Halloween we left the baby with my mom so we could go trick or treating, but after three houses my daughter insisted we go and get her sister back. She also talks about the present the baby gave her all the time. (She was the only grandchild too).


karine - November 14

do what ally says...about involment. But also try to make nights out with your little boy, without baby. Take him to see a movie, and eat. and shopping. try to do that once a month. itll help. unfortunatly i coudnt do that my daughter was only 18month when i got my son. She had very hard time to take the birth of her brother. she was very mean...but we spend alone time with her and it helped. she is a wonderful sister now, and loves her bro. their is time where they do fight..but its completely normal. and when we take her the other day we took her to her first movie LOL (she is 3yrs) she was asking for jacob the hole time. it was cute!


Julie - November 15

Thank you all for your responses!! I"m open to any ideas.Hopefully the sibs cla__s will give him an idea of what to expect. I plan to involve him as much as I can. Hopefully his Dad will help me. Jbear,I have heard of regression( like toileting issues) when the baby comes which they say is normal.Good luck to you all and thanks again



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