Sick When Should I Call The Dr

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livdea - February 11

Okay, I've been pretty sick the past 3.5 days. I've been vomiting and have had diarreha. I can't keep anything down. My food just sits in my stomach for a few hours and then I get sick and none of it is digesting. Friday morning when I woke up I was feeling better and even kept a piece of toast and some gatorade down, it was the only thing I'd eaten in a couple of days. So by last night I was starving so I had a little dinner, not a lot but a little and sure enough, I got sick again! Since it's been a few days I'm now getting concerned about the baby's well being and am wondering if I should call the dr or not? Baby has been super active though, I've been feeling 'em the most, recently but like I said I'm getting concerned. I haven't been able to keep any vitamins down either...tonight was the first night I actually tried and I only took two and got sick. :( Should I wait another day? I don't want to be paranoid but at the same time this is my baby! Should I call in the morning or give it one last day? I've also lost 8 lbs that I've desperately tried to gain since my last appointment! I'm 18 weeks along now. Please help me ladies!


livdea - February 11

sorry so long! I'm worried!


Daniella - February 11

Hey.. I lost 7 pounds between my 7 week and 11 week... and never once got sick. I had a total weight gain of 4 pounds when I hit 24 weeks... I am 28 weeks now.. ANYHOW.. just wondering... are you sick from the flu, or morning sickness?? Also, a pregnancy is pretty much like a parasite and will get what it needs.. BUT, prolonged sickness may need to be seen by a physician.... your immune system could be very low and you may develop other complications. It wouldn't hurt to call your dr. office and ask the nurse what they think. If you cant keep fluids down, you may need an I.V. hopefully you feel better soon!!!


livdea - February 11

Thanks Daniella. I don't think its morning sickness...I've never had it, though. I'm thinking I got the flu. I have a very low temp 99.1f And more then anything it is the fluids I'm worried about. And I'm just worried that since my body is getting so weak and I'm STARVING, that its going to affect the baby somewhere! Thanks for your advice, I think I will call the dr...just to see, it can't hurt!


Daniella - February 11

Livdea- well.. I sure hope you start feeling better and you get some answers!! Just try not to stress too much. How about gatorade??


oz - February 11

i agree with Daniella and think your best to call the dr office and see what they say. When im sick and cant hold anything down i resort to sucking on icey poles in order to try and keep the fluids up. Hope your feeling better soon.


sye - February 11

i have a friend who went through the same got so bad that she had to be hospitalized and put on an i.v. for a couple days...


Angela - February 12

I just got over the exact same thing - except for the diarreah - couldn't keep anything down except gatorade and thin pretzels... it got to the point where rather than waiting 6 completely nauseous hours to throw up I would induce my own vomitting because it would eventually happen anyways - so a week or so pa__sed and one day I woke up, ate breakfast and nothing happened - my nurse said it was something that has been going around and only lasts a few days... I dont recommend inducing by the way, but it helped me at night so I could sleep. Your baby will be fine - after all that and losing my only 5 gained pounds the baby measured last week right on time. This will pa__s :)


livdea - February 13

Thanks for your advice girls. I of course waited and waited to see what would happen I thought I was getting better when I kept a piece of toast down one day. Along came saturday though and I got sick again! I'd lost over 10 lbs...8 of which I had been trying desperately to gain! So I called the dr who advised me to go to the ER. They pumped me full of fluids...I was 3 liters low!! And they gave me some medicine to help me not get sick for a while, and then fed me as much as I could eat. I didn't have a bug, but they think an acid problem. so now I take pepcid and eat very little until I can handle it all again. I managed to keep down a gla__s of gatorade yesterday...which was a first! And a little bit of oatmeal. I'm feeling better after the IV but still super weak and tired. Baby's in there a moving and a shaking though!


Jewell24 - February 13

If you can't keep liquid down go to the hospital RIGHT NOW! I called the hospital last night because I had been throwing up all day couldn't even keep water down. They told me to come in. They hooked me up to IV for an hour and half plus gave me graval. The doctor told me going 12 hours without liquid could cause you to start into contractions. I'm 32 weeks along.



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