Sick Of You People On Here

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Cathy - November 8

This is not a question just a comment from a fed up poster. We pregnant woman come here for advice and help from others that may have been in our same situation. Instead of that help all we get is angry comments and name calling. I know that we all are hormonal but just because we are not face to face and do not know each other does not give us the right to be down right mean. I for one am sick to death of the angry woman posting remarks to make others feel bad about EVERYTHING, from bathing, to even asking if they might be pg. I have been on this forum for a long long time and I am just sick of it. Please ladies if you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself. As the good book says...Do unto others as you would have done unto you. God bless all.


Jamie - November 8

My inital response to the t_tle of your post was "so, leave" - but you're right, people are mean here.


suz - November 8

that was my initial response also when i read the t_tle, but i totally agree. i dont see the point in abusing someone and making them feel like c___p when all they are doing is asking for help and seeking support


Cathy - November 8

I'm sorry if I may have come off rude with the t_tle of my post. It is just disheartening to see these woman who need help or support try and get it and just get nothing but angry comments. I say let's help each other the best way we can, with kindness caring and support. Let's get it together ladies. We are setting a bad example for our children.


Kerry - November 8

Please say only SOME of the people....I don't want to be thought of badly ! I agree whole heartedly - I thought that this was going to be a friendly forum - it's not what I expected at all ! x


KM - November 8

I still say so leave. There are tons of forums out there on pregnancy. Of which have a lot less of the drama. You really just havd to ignore it, because youre right, its stupid. Basically if ya cant handle it post somewhere else ;) I mean that in the nicest way possible


kokybee - November 8

I think so too, Us women on here are not proffesing to be rationel and not hormonal, we are all going thru pregnancys and miscarriges, and that is hard work emotionally and physically, I am just so releived to find a site where i can read about other women who are going thru what i am, God BLess!!!!


I agree - November 8

soem people are very rude , It is ok to disagree but be nice about it. not everyone is always on the same page and nor should we be but say your part in a nice way as its ok to not agree , If you get to mad then just dont post , I think we shoould all just stop responding to the mean ones as it only gives them more to play with just like a little kid ignore the bad you teach them andit will go away .


Cathy - November 8

Thank you (most of you LOL) that responded in kind. I know that sometimes it is hard to keep our emotions in tact during these months, but the better we treat others the better we get treated. It's like karma. what goes around comes around. I truly believe that. Good luck to all of you and your little ones.


Melissa - November 11

Cathy, It is so refreshing to know there are good, kind-hearted people still in the world. There are many on this site, however the other day I joined (the very first day I found out that I am pregnant)... there was a post regarding "WHEN DO YOU START TO SHOW" I responded by letting everyone know that I have noticed a slight change in my abdomen at 5.5 wks. I did not state that I am showing, however this lady took it upon herself to degrade me in thinking that I am showing at 5.5 wks. This is my first pregnancy(single) and I am excited and just came here for support. I hope all is well with you and your baby.


Lisa - November 11

There are lots of rude people on this site who just like to make others feel inferior to them; it's really sad. It makes me mad when I see those comments and sometimes I lash out at the ones being like that. I can't help it sometimes; I feel bad for the people who come on here looking for advice and all that they get is c___p thrown at them. People need to learn the difference between being honest and cruel, because a lot don't.


Rhonda - November 11

some people like chris,have to put others down because they think it makes them feel better about themselfs.some people its better to ignore them than to argue with them.once they see no one cares about there rudeness they will get tired of posting and stop.being rude back to rude people is like adding fuel to a fire.


*X* - November 11

Does anyone know of a pregnancy forum that is actually moderated and requires registration and, of course, is just as popular? I frequent a different forum (non-pregnancy related) that is so incredibly superior to this one with respect to content, and it's because it's heavily moderated and trolls have been virtually eliminated. I think it's really idiotic that people can make up a random name every time they post here. It's the anonymous posting that really kills the forum, because the gutless can hide behind a random ID.


Lisa - November 11

I am on another pregnancy forum where you are registered and I very much enjoy it; the women are nice and supportive and sometimes you hear things you don't want to, but it's done with tact...not like here unfortunately.


carly - November 11

lisa,i would like to visit a forum like that this one is way out of control,can you share the web address?


LOOK UP: - November 11

"SheKnows," "Christian Family Forums", "PregnancyWeeklyForums". Let me know if you found them.


Lisa - November 11

Sure it's there are lots of different boards on there..I am on the March board as that is when I am due. Lots of nice women on there and they are a great support system. We are even doing a gift exchange through the mail!! Fun!



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