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jamcar06 - March 6

Well, i recently posted a question about an UTI, I went to the doc. today and she thinks that I do not have a UTI, but is sending the urine off for testing, I find out in 2 days. I have this pain in my right side that never goes away, it was worse sat, sun and mon, but today is a lot better. I had this same pain when I had the UTI in jan, and it went away after treatment. Now it is back and I am wondering if anyone else has gone through this type of pain during pregnancy?? it isn't near my uterus, but more close to the leg and it is sometimes on the left side, but not bad at all. Let me know, thanks.


bmccausland - March 7

Hi there- its a good thing you went to the doctor, Is the pain in your lower left back? Cause a few years ago i went to the hospital with the same pains, and the Dr. asked me if i was pg. unfortuantly we found out i wasn't :( But that i have a kidney infection. But you will find out in 2 days if its a UTI or a kidney infection. I am not pg, (yet) and i've never been pg, so i thought i would my medical aspect of what i have been through. Hope this helps.


SaraH - March 7

It depends on where exactly you're experiencing the pain. I had a lot of ligament pain -especially early on in the pregnancy although everything you read says it is worse in the 2nd trimester mine wasn't- At 6 weeks they sent me in for and u/s b/c I was having such bad pain in the left side of my abdomen they wanted to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. It turned out to just be the round ligaments pulling really bad. The pain was right above the middle of my pelvic bone on the left side. The pain w/ the ligaments kind of runs along your underwear line from the groin up to your hip area, about an inch in from the edge of your underwear. I did have a lot of pain a long the whole length of the ligaments and on both sides but at times (like that 6w u/s) it was localized to the left side and to one area right in the middle of upper edge of the bone. Hope that helped. Good luck to both you and bmccausland, I hope you both get bfp soon.


SaraH - March 7

--oopps misunderstood. Good luck to bmccausland on getting that bfp soon and congrats to you jamcar I hope this pregnancy goes well for you.


angelgabby84 - March 7

Hi there i dont want to alarm you but it is definately a good idea that you have seen a doc. As i said i dont want to scare you bet i think you should know my story. I had a UTI and i had really bad pain in my left side and lower left back. I was 24 weeks and it casued me to go into premature labour. The pain your having is quite reasonable when you have a UTI but definately keep a close eye. BTW i didnt go to my docs I thought I would be making a nuisance of myself so i didnt know i had the UTI until i was in labour. Best wishes for you



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