Signing Out Of The Hospital Ama

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k - October 29

i was admitted to the hospital last night because of my blood pressures it is boarderline High as i am only 10 days away from my due date...Due to some things beyond my control for today i signed out Aginest Medical Advise after my test results came back but i still dont feel any better and i was wondering if anyone has ever went aginest what their doctor said was best for them by leaving the hospital and then having to return the next day because of the same thing? do you think that the doctor will still treat me for this problem that i am having? or do you think that he will refuse to see me now since i only have 10 days left? i am at a loss i have never went aginest what my doctor has wanted me to do but i did not have many other choices this time so i did what i thought was best at the time....any imput except negitive comments on how stupid you think i was would be appericated thanks so much


E - October 29

Legally, they cannot refuse to treat you upon your return. If your doc is professional, he will smile at you and say "don't leave the hospital this time". I mean, what else can he say right? I am sure they deal with this all of the time. Please go back to the hospital if you are not feeling better. They admitted you for a reason:) Take care and hope all goes well. XOXO


k - October 29

i am headed back to the hospital...thanks E you are right i did not think of it that way i was only thinking that i would have made him mad but he is a very professional doc so i am hopeing that all works out for me and my baby in the end again thank you so much


E - October 29

Good luck K and be safe!!


k - October 30

they gave me med for my heaache as my blood pressure was fine when i went in this time thank god so they sent me home told me if it gets wose again go back


E - October 30

What did they give you? Anything good, lol?? I heard that after a c-section some women get a self-administered morphine drip. The patient controls the flow of the morphine. Wow:)


shell - October 30

the doctor must treat you. however, i know in my state...i, as the nurse, must tell the patient signing out AMA that the insurance will not cover. not sure if that is a big deal for you, but it can get costly. with emotions going crazy right now, i think its best to listen to the doc, or consider changing



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